The first in a new series from us, in which our members go tête-à-tête with the eternally curious blond bombshell that is Harriet Harlow. First up,  Letizia Miro:

Firstly, how are you? What are you looking forward to in the coming new year?

I’m very well, thank you. In the new year, I’m looking forward to writing more poetry, dancing more and, overall, falling into creative highs.

Where can someone read some of your poetry? Does any of it stem from your work in this industry?

That’s a very timely question because, actually, one of my projects for next year is to use my persona to write poetry. Yesterday I was talking to one of my poetry mentors about how challenging I find it to write about certain issues from my actual self. And, she encouraged me to use push the potential of my persona’s subject position to write poetry about kink, my own sense of freedom… Hopefully I will be able to share Letizia’s poems soon! At the moment, I have only published poetry under my civvie name.

What first got you into kink?

It all started subconsciously at a pretty early age. I got turned on by being humiliated. I remember the teacher yelling at me for not having done the homework, it brought me on fire… I used to enjoy using my physical force to get intimate with people I had a deep connection with. Then, I discovered a thing called BDSM in my early twenties and somehow put a name on my desires. And, it made me feel less deviant.

Is humiliation still a kink of yours?

Yes, really a hot spot, but, I really need to have a special connection with my playpartner in order for it to click with me.

Kink-wise, is there anything you’re hoping to explore more of in the coming year?

Sure! Kink has opened infinite doors till this moment. And, I have so much faith in further ventures. I’m definitively very eager to mix my performative creative skills with kink, when it comes to sensual domination. I’m also very interested in learning more about impact play and Shibari through formal training. Technique brings a solid ground for creative material – me thinks.

What draws you towards Shibari and impact play? And why is it so necessary to make sure formal training is had in these areas?

I think Shibari and impact play can help build up hornyness sensually. I’m interested in sensual domination, with slow burns/ build ups, unexpected turns, surprises…I’m also interested in how impact play liberates tensions. When you are spanked till feeling even a tad dizzy, you can’t think of anything else, you are fully in the moment, then when you get a kiss or a lick it feels sublime (such a contrast!)… For me, formal training is important for boosting my creativity. For having more ideas to draw from. This works both for being a sub or a domme. When I’m playing sub – for instance – knowing a bit more about how to be spanked or tied can guide my playpartners safely and beautifully.

What are you hoping will be in store for the next year in terms of bookings?

I hope to strengthen my existing connections. With time, magic happens…

What is the best way for a suitor to really woo you?

I like intelligent people with a strong presence. Personable communication and a longing for authentic connection in form of trying to read me a little can certainly woo me.

You’re very passionate about art. How has art influenced your work as Letizia?

Letizia is artwork too. In so many ways. Starting by shaping a beautiful persona with well thought contrasts between light and darkness. And, following with how she enacts kink – as an experimental venue/ dream factory.

I love your fascination with chiaroscuro that it actually has become a part of Letizia’s persona. It’s beautiful. Explain more about the dream factory, is that another way of saying you can create honed role play scenarios?

Exactly! It means that Letizia allows me to break down established ways of being to turn into someone else… I like having such a scenario for exploring new things.

Have you got a fantasy that you haven’t yet had the opportunity to enact?

Yes! A duo in which I am the top.

Explain more, how would you be the top?

That would involve me being a domme in the scene, playing with both partners, now turning her on, now asking her to turn him on, now prohibiting him to have an orgasm. Now demanding him to watch us both playing…

Around London, what are your favourite things to do on a date? Would you describe yourself as an extrovert or an introvert?

I know it’s a cliché but I really enjoy dinner dates – the Benarés restaurant, the Novo for sushi. I also love hidden gems that serve cocktails such as ECC in Soho. And, of course, art shows or a visit to an exhibition.

I’m an introvert with a deep inner world yet in need for a wide social life – this combined, makes my life very difficult. I’m a virgo with sagittarius ascendant. Meaning: eternally in conflict between being connected with my self and nurturing a sense of belonging to a community – the bigger and the more fun loving the better!