The delicious Chelsea Baker sits down with Hazel to spill about her foray into kink and hopes for the coming months.

How was your lockdown? What are you hoping for most out of your post-lockdown bookings?

It’s been quite relaxing. I needed a break to be honest since I’d just left my 9-5 for that very purpose, but it really made me miss basic human connection. I’m looking forward to forging new relationships and reuniting with people I haven’t seen for months – both client and personal life wise – and hope to be able to plan some short tours in some other European cities for later in the year, if the coast is safe and clear.

As someone relatively new to the kink scene, tell us how it has been going for you? What have you found yourself drawn towards?

I love the opportunity to play various roles with various partners – you can learn so much about yourselves and each other in a judgement free zone. I naturally tend to be quite submissive, so getting in touch with my stronger, more dominant side professionally has been a challenge, but a direction I definitely want to lean more into with some mentorship, which I will be seeking ASAP as normal life resumes again. I want to honour the art of it properly, to provide the most satisfying and enjoyable experiences.

What – kink-wise – would you love to try out that you haven’t yet had a chance for yet?

Well I’ve had a few exciting duos this year, so that’s the first one checked off my bucketlist. I would love to try anal play – both giving and receiving – I’m just waiting for the right partner to explore this with. I’d also planned to partake in some Shibari workshops this year which unfortunately had to be put on hold – I really admire the visual aspect of it, and the anticipation created during the delicate dance of the rope across ones body.

Tell me more about the duos, I know one of them went very well…

It certainly did, they were both very different but equally enjoyable. I was partnered with two gorgeous ladies who I’d built up a good rapport with socially, so felt totally comfortable with them and very excited to be in their company, and the clients were super enjoyable to play with. The second duo involved a cheeky roleplay which added an entertaining element for us all.

Roleplay! Lovely. What types of bookings do you truly enjoy?

Honestly I love the variety – it depends on the mood and the client. Sometimes I can really enjoy a quick but ravishing 90 minute booking, other times chatting over dinner, spending the night together, then having another play before breakfast in bed is equally perfect. When I can see that the client is in their element my enjoyment increases tenfold.

Where should a client take you for dinner to get into your good books? What cuisine is your favourite?

I am a sucker for Thai and Italian food in general. Some places I haven’t yet had the chance to dine but would love to: Som Saa, Gauthier Soho, Gloria, The Ledbury, Hakkasan and Ikoyi. If it’s vegetarian friendly, flavourful, indulgent, and has a great atmosphere, I’m interested.

That’s a lovely list of options for clients there. Going back to the bedroom, if you had to choose just one toy to use forevermore, what would it be?

That’s a cruel question! I don’t feel like I have a big enough sample to commit to one for a lifetime just yet… My discreet yet powerful little bullet vibrator has gotten a hell of a lot of use – it never lets me down. A little birdie told me that I need to get hold of the womanizer duo though, so if anyone would like to send one my way I’ll be sure to update you with the results.

We love a trusty bullet vibrator… and a Womanizer duo too. If a client wanted to bring a gift with him to the session, what would you love? Tell us what your heart desires.

I think any gift that comes with thought and consideration is absolutely lovely – it truly warms my heart when you’re surprised with a personal, meaningful gesture, or a reference to something you’ve mentioned somewhere online or in your interactions with them. However, I empathise with the nerves around buying the right gift, so I have wish lists on my website which include art and photography books, minimalist gold jewellery, elegant lingerie and feminine dresses, and listed some favourite brands for inspiration. Vouchers towards manicures and spa days are always a hit too.

Would you appreciate a client sponsoring your foray into more toys?

Definitely – I’ve had some generous gents contribute a couple already, but being the pleasure seeker that I am, I’d be thrilled to test more out. I would of course encourage them to stick around to witness my verdict.

You mention you’re an introvert on your KLE page, what are some of the hobbies you really enjoy in your downtime? What do you do to spoil yourself?

I love living in London – having such a vast range of museums and exhibitions to explore on our doorstep is such a privilege. In the summer you’ll find me spending as much time as physically possible in the city’s green spaces and botanical gardens, maybe even practicing some rooftop yoga.
My favourite way to spoil myself though is having a little escape from London to travel and explore somewhere new – whether around the UK or the other side of the world. A weekend in the countryside can be just as refreshing as two weeks hopping around Asian jungles and beaches. On that note, I’d love more extended bookings involving all day culture trips or travel this year.

Is that desire for cultural exploration in London something you would love to do on dates with clients too?

Definitely! I love seeing how people interpret things based on their own lives and conditioning, it can be very insightful and expanding, plus a great way to break the ice for those that want something more memorable than a drink in the hotel bar. I feel this is especially true for clients making business trips to London, as they get to combine two rare pleasures at once whilst they’re here.