Submissive escort – and poetry personified – Skylar Parkar  catches up with Hazel about how she has reconnected with lovers between lockdowns, her must-have sex toys, and her *ultimate* fantasy roleplay – where she plays the domme.

Firstly, how are you finding this lockdown? Is it any different to previous lockdowns for you?

The thing I craved the most in the first lockdown last year was the touch and the energy of another human being, I live alone so that four months of no contact was an eye opener. Fortunately this time, I’ve been able to resolve that craving with the single person bubble rule, and I honestly feel blessed.

It’s so tough going so long without touch. What have been some of your favourite ways to reconnect between lockdowns?

Laying in bed cuddling and catching up, sharing our lockdown war wounds. We’re in such strange times everyone is looking for a place of safety and calm.

I know you have a lot of experience as a submissive escort, but what – kink-wise – would you love to try out that you haven’t yet had a chance for yet?

I’ve tried just about everything at this point 😉 but the one thing that I am curious about is dominating others, I love the idea of being in control and taking a sub to new heights.

How do you envision yourself dominating? Do you have any specific kinks or toys you would enjoy using as a domme?

I love the idea of role play, having a naughty school boy bent over my lap and spanking him, whilst he recites a nursery rhyme.

What types of bookings do you truly enjoy and hope for more of when restrictions allow?

I thoroughly enjoy dinner dates. I find that there is nothing more sumptuous than getting to know someone over a meal, and having lascivious thoughts about them, knowing that I’ll be devouring them shortly.

What restaurants do you have on your go-to list for dinner dates?

I absolutely love Italian food. My all time favourite restaurant to take my dates to is Harry’s in Knightsbridge, everything on the menu is delicious. Quickly followed by Cecconi’s, and Gloria’s.

Those are my top three, I rotate between them for my dates.

If you had to choose just one toy to use forevermore, what would it be?

My Doxy, there’s no debate. It’s absolutely wonderful and for lack of a better word – I cum every time.

The Doxy truly is a firm favourite, I can’t get enough of mine. What’s a gift a client can bring to truly woo you?

An open heart, a flogger and the Lelo Soraya toy.

Is spanking a favoured kink of yours? What else do you adore being on the receiving end of?

Spanking is definitely my favourite kink. I also enjoy breath play, role play and domination.

What are some of the hobbies you really enjoy in your downtime? What do you do to spoil yourself?

Nothing beats hot yoga, and running long distances. Both activities give me peace and leave feeling revived and more in tune with myself.