The ever-tantalising GFE escort Georgie Darling talks to Hazel about her Summer plans to return to international travel, her dream gifts (including a brass-trimmed stove in frangipane!) and how she plans to spoil herself from here on out.

H:Georgie, how are you? What are some upcoming plans you’re looking forward to?
G: I’m ok thanks, you?   I’m not going to lie and say the past year has been easy, it hasn’t. I am trying to focus on the good in my life and I am taking it one day at a time.
Upcoming plans, well hopefully NYC in the autumn but I don’t want to pass my lovely gents travelling here, so I  might postpone to early 2022.
I am definitely looking forward to the summer as I am taking a lot of short trips to Europe, Italy being first on the list.  I’m just going to pack a bag and enjoy good food and great weather (maybe sit on a few Italian faces… I mean – scooters).
Gosh, can I come with you? Your summer plan sounds like a dream, I’m a big fan of sitting on Italian mopeds too. If scooting around Rome, hopping from moped to handsome faces and back again doesn’t encapsulate the international escort dream, what does?What other European countries do you have your eyes on for the summer?
You can come along, the more the merrier.
Yes Italian mopeds are fun, aren’t they? Hopefully I’ll be visiting Amsterdam, France, Portugal and Greece. Let’s see hey, fingers crossed.
What – kink-wise – would you love to try out that you haven’t yet had a chance for?
We all love a bit of kink, don’t we? I don’t know what I haven’t tried off the top of my head, I do know I would love more role-play in my life, great scripts along with custom outfits, immersing myself into a kinky character.
That is super fun. I do enjoy role-play.  I also love elite swinging clubs, there is one I visited in Paris when I lived there, the sort only the people in know know. You are checked in through a series of doors, all hush hush, so exciting. Pourquoi pas?
That sounds so exciting. What sort of roleplays do you enjoy the most? And what are you most drawn to when visiting swinging clubs?
Mmmmmm roleplay I enjoy most, mmmm, Let me think, what I will say is, I enjoy submissive unscripted and Dom work scripted.  Various long winded reasons. Keeping this super short.

Swinging clubs that draw me are the decadent luxurious ones. Well run with super hot ladies.  I was taken to one before that resembled a 90s rave, I was I am out of here, one quick circuit of the place avoiding touching anything while sticking to the floor, hilarious. It’s all fun.

I hope you had the anti-bac at the ready! As someone who specialises in the girlfriend experience (gfe) – what types of bookings do you hope for more of? 
I truly love all bookings especially when I really click with the client. I think I’ve been super blessed with the clients I’ve met.
Only a couple of pas bien (sounds nicer in French) have slipped through. My website is me so I find the clients who like what they read know we will get on, we are of similar minds etc.
If I had to choose, I do love dinner dates, I love all the longer dates as I enjoy being sociable and getting dressed up.  Hourly bookings kinda make me nervous but when I do take them I really enjoy them. As an international escort, I am hoping for more fly-me-to-you dates. Just before lockdown I had 2 in my dairy, one with a lovely gent and another with a couple I’ve met before.
Both destinations I’m yet to experience, I love travel so I was absolutely gutted. So yes, travel dates will be very warmly welcomed.
It’s so demoralising losing exciting bookings due to the pandemic. There are so many I was looking forward to that have been put off for the foreseeable. What are some of your favourite places you’ve visited so far?
Yes, I am so sorry for you and for our community, it’s just been awful.
I have made some lovely new sw friends over email during this period though. I think we have all experienced so much that it has brought us closer.  I’ve diverted sorry.
Favourite places I have visited: well I love culture, so Pakistan was amazing, ooooh Morocco is high on my list to visit too, so many places I want to visit. I loved Australia, Melbourne I stayed the longest, so many amazing little vintage shops the place has a lovely vibe, NYC just love, Iceland was pretty cool. That was an experience, I have crazy stories from that trip.
Wherever I go it’s an adventure. Non stop fun. I spent one Christmas in Toronto, Christmas Eve the snow started to fall that felt magical. Let’s not forget sitting on Santa’s lap in lapland.
I’m always keen for some new toy recommendations, will you list your top three tools and toys?
Red wine works wonders. I am lelo girl, my toy bag on the go is all lelo, a silk blind fold and beautiful green snakeskin cuffs from Coco de Mer.  Throw in a skilful tongue and fingers now we are making some sexy noise….
Well just reading that has got me all hot and bothered! I do love the restraints that Coco de Mer stock too. Are there any toys you have your eyes on to buy/be gifted to you?
Do you know what, I haven’t looked at toys in so long. I think I need a lovely gent to take me to Coco de Mer in person.
As a big fan of gifts and fellow gfe escort, I’m curious to know what one of your most favourite gifts from a client has been historically and what would be your absolute dream gift to receive?
Oh gosh my favourite of all time gift is a pair of sliced emerald earrings, I was gifted these in my favourite place to visit – NYC – so they are extra loved.
During lockdown an amazing gent has gifted me with a few gorgeous pieces off my wish list. These are super special and I just look at them and can’t believe he sent them to me. Very happy. My dream gift would be a million pounds…. A house in Italy.
Do you mean more down to earth? Then I have my eye on a gold Rolex with an olive face sprinkled with diamonds and a Lacanche stove in frangipane with a brass trim, it’s all in the detail. If I received those as gift I’d be screaming with delight.
If you think about it they are super useful gifts, I will always be on time for our date and think of the foodie treats I would bring on our dates, and if you were super lucky you’d get an invite for dinner. Saying that: a house in Italy, a bronzed Georgie all year round.
Away from material gifts I’d actually love someone to teach me how to invest. Yeah, that would be good. I’m laughing as this would be a nightmare for the person, I have issues with numbers.
Issues with numbers is very relatable to me. They just don’t make sense in my head in the same way that words do. If you find someone to help you invest, will you send them my way after too?
Well the beautiful and super lovely Heloise Gold has been amazing to me.  She has given me some tips and lots of information.  I am very thankful for her insights and help. She is one lovely kind generous soul.
What are some of the hobbies you really enjoy to unwind? What do you do to spoil yourself?
Hobbies I really enjoy mmmmm… is being horizontal on my sofa watching a movie under my favourite throw classed as a hobby?
If you mean where I have to move and engage fully then it’s yoga and horse riding. I love walking my dogs but that’s a daily necessity and it gets annoying as they are such routine animals and they harass me if they aren’t out within 30 mins of me opening my eyes. Summer days walking my dogs is lovely.
I’m also booking myself into classes that I’ve wanted to do for an age but I don’t, because a job might come in. Or it comes in and I cancel and lose the money. Honestly I don’t spoil myself at all, I am a single parent.
I have made a pact with myself after this shit storm of a year,  and it is that I am working to live now.  I‘m going to indulge in traditional craft courses and enjoy learning the things I love and admire.
So I guess, spoiling myself can begin.  It’s about time. You know I will feel super guilty. Practise makes perfect though, right?