Astute and unapologically exploitative, with rubenesque proportions and a penchant for mind games. I'll relish getting inside your head, right to the seed of your fantasies, and plant new ones to mould you exactly to my liking...

An Alpha Cuckoldress with a deeply hedonistic streak, I marry classic femininity and an assertive touch perfectly, with a keen interest in longer, intellectually challenging and high quality endeavours for my own amusement and satisfaction.

I’ll inch inside your head, deeper and deeper, little by little, until I arrive at your deepest, darkest secrets. The fantasies you’d rather not talk about because they sometimes scare or repulse even yourself.
I’ll have endless fun extracting them until all your locked away desires are in my hand, ready for me to exploit you.

As a lifelong kink devotee and Dominant, I take great pleasure in training my submissives. I will mould you, guide you, discipline you, make you understand that it’s absolutely useless to try and arrive to Me with a list of your own kinks as ultimately, My happiness will be your happiness. The sweetest Bitch you’ll ever meet…

Firmly established on the London kink scene, I feel just as home at elite sex parties as I do at large fetish clubs! I have years under my belt learning about the psychology behind human submission and as an endlessly sexual and liberated Mistress, I have never been afraid to take charge of my own pleasure and satisfaction, which made me question the notion of traditional gender roles, monogamy, vanilla relationships. It’s no wonder that my deepest personal kink is along the lines of cuckolding and Female Led affairs. Think of me as an emotional sadist. The woman with the sixth sense to get inside your head and exploit all your kinks. Even the ones you’re yet to be aware of.

Elegant and polished but with an alternative edge, My delightfully full curves, huge blue eyes, quick wit and curious mind make Me the perfect companion for a date of decadent indulgence, both in and out of the sheets! Well versed in kink, I genuinely relish taking control as well as taking time slowly seducing my partner in crime!