A specialist in Kinky debauchery and Domination, passionate about changing attitudes to sex, relationships, and pleasure in particular.

I’m what I like to call a “perspicacious punk”. I am highly educated and have three languages under my belt. When it comes to the arts I have classical tastes. I love to discuss Philosophy, music and art history, film and literature. I’m just as at home at the Royal Opera House as at your local punk venue. I’m of the philosophy that it’s cheap to criticize culture without first understanding it. I’m well traveled and have picked up a colorful and unplaceable accent.

Blessed with an abundant bust and lavish curves that take no prisoners, I’m a natural, dominant woman. A force of nature if you will. My silky body hair is a delightful decoration to my captivating BBW figure. My skin is olive toned, impossibly soft and adorned with the occasional tattoo. The pleasure I get from dressing up to go out to dinner for a GFE dinner is only surpassed by the inevitable post-supper laddering of my stockings and smudging of my lipstick. I have an eclectic wardrobe and love to dress for the back row as my gallery can attest. I wear makeup as self-expression and not from necessity. I’m just as comfortable barefaced.