Blair Noble is all Scottish charm and beauty. Bringing together the intimacy of a real companion with the sensual power of domination, she knows how to bring you to your knees and that's just for starters...

Truth be told I have an insatiable appetite for the erotic and there are very few things which I do not enjoy. I’ve never been a selfish lover. I know how to give and give and give some more – your pleasure is truly my desire. I am open minded, adventurous and keen to build true intimacy with all my partners. As such, I love to build the intensity over a number of sessions so that we can truly get to know each other’s desires, bodies and delights. 

In addition to my physical delights, I am told I have an intuition about the human condition far beyond my years. I love to understand what makes a person tick, sexually and emotionally. Whether you want to experience intimacy you’ve been missing, talk about your dreams and ambitions with an objective voice or just forget the stresses and obligations we all carry in our day to day lives, I can be that person for you. I love nothing more than building an authentic relationship with my clients where you can let go and truly find yourself.

While vanilla experiences are wonderful in their own right, I am just as adept at asserting my authority and bending you to my will. From delicate Scottish flower, to wildest pervert I am a versatile and unique playmate. Whatever your kink, I am an intuitive mistress with the knowledge and experience to make your dreams a reality. With equal parts sadism and compassion, I will ensure you do not leave unsatisfied and begging me for more. I am particularly skilled at psychological domination, anal play and immersive role plays. Whether you’ve dreamed of a powerful woman bending you over and taking the power, or experiencing something entirely original, it would be my pleasure to explore your desires and bring them to life. All play is done consensually and with strict adherence to limits and safe words. As a connoisseur of both authentic intimacy and sensual domination, there is no limit to the ways we can spend our time together.