Carla offers genuine connections, warm encounters, sensuous intimacy and deeply creative kink. Her specialty is role play, scenarios for which come in never-ending supply from her wild imagination. Elegant, funny and smart; take her anywhere, or let her take you…

I have a deep and genuine passion for role play. I’m a world-class actress with a wicked imagination and a way with words so stepping into another world with me will, I promise, be an unforgettable experience. I love the playfulness and the naughtiness of pretending to be someone else and the scope it allows for exploring kink and BDSM. I’ve guided many beginners through role play and, likewise, taken storylines to new heights with seasoned aficionados.

Role play favourites include the staples – office drama, school submission, perverted doctors – but the sky’s the limit. Let me write you an exorcism role play, a kidnap scenario, a sexbot fantasy. We can play with each other or invite my friends along; I’ll write us all into the script!

The psychological side of kink is my thing. I love power play and am a switch, happy to be both Dominant and submissive. I’m not able to receive high level impact play but I love to be put in my place with your commands. If I’m in charge, the limits will be for you to set.

And if you feel like spending some more languid time with me, I offer heartfelt girlfriend experience (GFE) and love the sudden rush that deep intimacy provides. I’ve made some real friends through my work as a companion and, aside from the physical, I offer a connection that is rewarding and real.
Socially, I’m warm and easy to talk to with a huge zest for life. I’m bright, informed, open-minded and discreet. If there’s something you’d like to experience, just ask.

Look forward to meeting you! X