A quintessential English Rose, I’m sensual, passionate, caring, romantic and fun loving. I’m also a little bit posh. There’s an alluring glint behind my eye that fuels off new experiences and exciting possibilities. I also like to laugh a lot, you’ll love my infectious smile.

It’s so nice of you to drop by… I am your luxury redheaded companion with a thirst for great company and all things erotic. In my spare time you can find me wandering a gallery or going to the opera. Having completed a masters in the performing arts, I have a huge appreciation for London’s creative scene. I’m fascinated by the endless forms of self expression. Within my own life I relish being able to express and explore my own sexuality, wholeheartedly celebrating the female form.

I’m a country girl at heart, with a posh English accent to match. However, the city of London has captivated me. The excitement and the endless possibilities keep me on my toes and yearning for more.

Let me set the scene, you ask me to dine at your favourite restaurant. I arrive dressed in my skin tight jeans, killer heels and a top showing off just enough to get your heart beating that little bit faster. You can only imagine what is underneath. We laugh, talking the night away with obvious anticipation for the next part of our evening, satisfying your deepest carnal desires…