A good story takes time, let’s take our time together - really get to know one another. Today is filled with possibility, every moment could be a new experience. We can create an unparalleled encounter together, whether it is a brief tryst or an entire afternoon, everything will be just as you dreamed.

Darling, I think it is time we finally met. This game of cat and mouse has to come to an end. You will find me to be an amorous plaything who loves to keep people on their toes. I always aim to offer my guests something new and exciting. If you have never experienced the joys of subtle submission or the sways of persuasion I urge you to let go of your fears, so you can welcome in a new and bright flame. There are some things in life we are just meant to open up to.

Should we meet in public there will be no missing me, I am the girl who has everyone’s attention at some point in time. From my bright eyes, to my whip straight hair, or my incomparable tattoos – no one escapes my spell for very long.

You can show me off to the world, during a night on the town – or I can be you well kept secret behind softly closed doors, the choice is yours. While I am proper in correspondence, I can be a voracious fox once you have me all to yourself.