Behind every coquettish little smile, a mind of pure filth; and underneath her sundress, curves made for only the most hedonistic of encounters. Chef by day, and switch by night - Erin Paige is a girl with an insatiable appetite for submission, domination, and everything in between. And - of course - fine foods and wines not yet tasted.

I’m Erin. Apparently, I’m what happens when you let a very rule-abiding and prestigiously educated young woman from London discover the world of kink. Endlessly curious and hungry for new experiences, I remember the first few times that I felt the nervous excitement of being held in the control of another – or of holding someone under my own constraint. And so while you may now find me in some of the most intense and uninhibited of dungeon scenarios, I am just as giddily happy to corrupt someone completely new. To even enjoy the purely vanilla, but perhaps with a hint of impropriety.

I love nothing more than the delicious feeling of sharing depraved thoughts – my tendency to blush easily often giving away the excitement that such fantasies bring me. Out to dinner, I’m the tall blonde gushing about the wines of Piemonte and resisting the temptation to flirt with the other chefs; back at yours, I’m the lingerie-draped minx whispering very, very bad things in your ear and rather keenly demonstrating that such innocent looks can be deceiving.

Extremely bisexual and probably at my happiest in a tangle of limbs and kisses, group experiences with friends – new and old – are also some of my most treasured. I tend to find that the more people that are involved, the more complex and interesting the cocktail of power, exhibitionism, and voyeurism can become.

Get to know me a little more on my website and Twitter; tell me about that fantasy you’ve been itching to explore; and let’s make some mischief.