All this time you've spent wondering if the sophisticated girl-next-door had a kinky alter-ego? A British brunette, with slender curves made for spanking, I'm eager to go on an adventure with you and hope to fulfil your curiosities.

Creative, sensual, spiritual, with a dry sense of humour – I can’t help it. I feel most alive when I’m travelling, taking pictures, spending time in nature, admiring art, practicing yoga, watching an amazing live performance, and eating good food with good company, among other pleasures.

I crave close, intimate connections. I love finding diverse and interesting people to share my passions with – to teach and equally learn from – whilst we discover new beautiful, playful parts of ourselves and each other.

As an Independent GFE Escort, I’m a natural at providing deep, passionate experiences, but the thrill of kink keeps my curiosity alive. There’s nothing more satisfying that seeing someone unfold beneath you, finally giving in to their highest pleasures with someone who allows them to leave inhibitions at the door. I revel in unleashing my bratty submissive side. It turns me on when you take charge, but don’t expect that I’ll be quietly obedient – I have a cheeky wit that refuses to be suppressed. As a switch, I will gladly take the reins while offering you a sensual domination experience, where I make the rules and you enthusiastically follow. There are many roles and niches I’m eager to delve into with you, where it doesn’t really matter who is taking charge, as long as it’s a mutually rousing affair.