A pocket sized Celtic beauty with silver screen looks and a body painted by the masters.

I’m a girl from a small town with a very big outlook on life, I found myself in London studying for a fine art degree, since graduating I’ve spent time in both Wales and Barcelona but the allure of London always pulls me back.

By day I write and create art in my warehouse studio and by night I fulfil my carnal desires as an independent escort, kinkster and companion. I sort of fell into this lifestyle as a happy accident and I’ve never looked back not even for a second.

You’ll find me irresistible – I have gentle curves, a small waist and pert natural breasts with sinfully sensitive nipples. I am au naturale and stand at tiny 5’2 with delicate, features, plump rosy lips and the most knee weakening come to bed eyes.

My aesthetic is classic, elegant with an artistic twist. I love all things vintage I can be found in vintage showrooms in Paris, London and Barcelona seeking out pieces as unique as I am.

I’m equal parts sensual and sadist with a sharp tongue and cruel yet caring hand. I’m particularly fond of humiliation, it’s such a treat when I encounter a man who needs to be knocked or kicked down a peg or two.

I’m putty in the hands of an experienced dominant. My perfect derriere was made for bending over a knee and my big doe eyes scream butter wouldn’t melt but trust me it would.

I was born for the stage but chose the bedroom; role-play is well within my wheelhouse. I step into the skin of every character and embody them to the fullest be it a bratty schoolgirl in desperate need of discipline and reward or managing director disgusted at your poor performance aching to humiliate you.