Kinky London Escorts

Becoming acquainted over dinner with due propriety, before offering free reign to our most arcane lusts in private…

Well, hello. I’m deeply flattered to have caught your attention. I hope you’re already imagining our time together; I know I am.

I’m authentic, friendly and genuine. I devour books and I love to hike. I always have a smile on my face, although my cheery disposition is tempered by what I hope is a pleasantly cynical outlook on the world! I aim to be the perfect companion for you to unwind with following a stressful day or business meeting. Open, relaxed and genuine, I easily share stories from my life and travels and love to hear yours.

But looks really can be deceptive. University educated, working in my chosen field, you’d think me straight-laced and conventional at first glance. Get to know me in private, however, and watch those misconceptions cast aside with our clothing.

I’m a part-time paramour who loves her day job but also needs to find time for more erotic encounters, but I know that you’ll understand that need completely. That’s why you’re here.

My life is something of a delicious balancing act and I’m captivated at the thought of bringing that to your life as well.