I’m your central London based luxury ebony girlfriend with a taste for taking charge & being on top. Let me bewitch you with my curves, hold your gaze with my intimate stare & trace masterpieces on my silky skin. I’m a sultry all natural sweetheart with wonderful 34H breasts and peachy buttocks - I stand beautifully tall at 5'8. Although not visible, my beauty radiates through my chestnut eyes, soft plump lips & infectious laugh.

A free spirited  & down to earth adventurist, I consider myself an inquisitive conversationalist & charmingly sincere. I’m deeply driven to nurture those who are in search of an introduction to kink but in a safe & fun space. Our time together doesn’t have to be all whips & chains, as your playful girlfriend I aim to impart a genuine & honest connection & I adore turning moments into memories that linger long after we’ve parted.

I have a deep fondness for successful men & women alike who enjoy the finer things in life & those that utilize the world at their fingertips. I am best suited to active souls who love unique experiences, attention to detail, & seek to enjoy relinquishing some if not all control. I love dates that involve history, art, wellbeing, nature, culture, performing arts & an array of cuisines.

You can already envision our exciting time together, right? Now times that by 10 & don’t hesitate any longer for the days are drawing in again.

Yours for the journey, Jasmine x