If you’re seeking a friendly, cuddly pervert, then you’re in the right place. I’m Joanne and I enjoy facefucking, pegging, long make out sessions, and smiling! I’m an enthusiastically switchy, rapaciously bisexual slut who loves making fantasises come true.

First up, the basics: I’m English, I have a Home Counties accent, and I mainly work in central London. My body is a lovely balance between flexible and strong from years of yoga, and soft and squishy from years of cheese boards. Sex and kink have been important to me for my entire adult life, and after several years of joyful experimentation I’ve finally figured out what I really love: variety.

This means that my sexuality spans a vast range of roles and dynamics, from militaristic dominatrix to sweet, servile submissive. I love meeting new people and getting to know them and their kinks. It would be impossible to list every interest here, but the things I get the most positive feedback on as a dominant are body worship, pegging, and shibari; as a submissive impact play, orgasm control, and facefucking. Whatever role I’m in, I love skin to skin contact, and get consistently complimented on my oral skills.

I show up to appointments freshly showered, sober, with subtle makeup and a warm, welcoming attitude. Whatever your role – by hours boyfriend, controlling Dominant, devoted submissive – I want to make sure you have an amazing time with me. I work hard to make sessions a rejuvenating, thrilling experience that will leave you with nothing but the most treasured memories.

In my downtime I enjoy strolling round art galleries, eating interesting food, laughing uproariously at stand up comedy, listening to far too many podcasts, and tending my collection of houseplants. I read science-y books and am a bit of a sex nerd – I have firm opinions on sex toys (not to mention quite the collection).

I do not discriminate by gender, race, transition history, ability, or age. Whether you are a man, woman, nonbinary individual, couple, or group, I would be delighted to hear from you.