Find a natural, hairy escort and safe space to explore fantasies within my company. A quirky and warm basque girlfriend who loves to cuddle and kiss, to care and nurture, to obey and serve.

I’m a quirky switch and natural hair escort who loves to see both of us having fun. Either if it’s as a submissive or a domme, both my play styles have something in common: I have a caring nature and warmness in everything I do.

I may not be the black leather hard domme, but you will find a different experience with me. My way is soft and tranquil and I enjoy mostly for you to adore my feet and ass. I will gladly sit on your face, play a giantess or help you cross-dress, among many other options.

Take into account that I’m not a hard domme and I won’t accept sessions involving hard impact play or any sort of medical (not even this roleplay). I’m still learning a few things and may consider including pegging in the future. Be considerate and explain to me your limits and expectations so we can get into a common ground where both of us will be safe. If you are looking for harder domming sessions along with me I can recommend you some friends that can offer a special BDSM duo with me.

As a Spanish submissive escort I’m very soft and cerebral, and I find my pleasure mostly in the ambience of the room, my imagination and your dominant attitude rather than the physical part. But of course I enjoy some spanking, who doesn’t?

I do not offer any kind of pain, marks, restraints (other than holding or grabbing me with your hands), fluid play, hard impact play or water sports. Please be considerate and talk thoroughly about what do you expect of a submissive session with me as, although I’m very interested in expanding my submissive horizons, I take great care of my mental wellbeing and won’t accept a session in which I think I could feel vulnerable.