Vivaciously flamboyant and creative in nature. The daughter of a flower-child, she bestowed me with colourfulness and taught me to follow the fantasies and nightmares, accepting what is there, and challenging what is hidden.

Behind every glorious facade there is always hidden something less charming. I harmonise with the peculiar, I give permission for the impermissible and invite you to explore your unwonted lusts in my presence, however strange they might seem.

I have a striking façade, convincingly innocent in appearance, age 28, long brunette hair and green eyes, olive skin, 5ft 7 and athletic with curves, strong legs. Inside of my shell I am nerdy and philosophical at times, with an open mind and well-seated in my spirit not ashamed of losing face. My thirst for knowledge and exploring uncharted territories is probably why I prefer to invest in my education over all else, and am still studying, and being an elite  dominatrix companion has allowed me to do so for the past 7 years. If two Russell group degrees are alluring in any way, then when I do apply what’s under my belt, it is for the pleasure and torment of my own libido, and to tease out the desires of yours, in a safe and playful explorative space.

I don’t like to pigeon- hole my sexuality, but I know what I enjoy and what I don’t. I always dreamed of being able to create scenarios in the role of dominatrix, the outfits, the creative space to play, the freedom of expression, the latex, the BDSM. This is my wheelhouse and where I feel most at ease. Although every dominatrix has a different approach, I play to my strengths; my website has a page containing a guide which will detail out the different types of domination I offer, and I encourage some forethought on this.

The possibilities of being in charge of creating brand new scenarios, leading to a series of moments of ecstasy,  your sensual mistress. Post-conversation foreplay begins; the mixing textures of sound, touch and tangibles. ASMR. The piercing plosive sound of spanks, the silky touch of hands on oiled up skin and the sense of breath in the ear, my voice, the demands and rituals I like to perform as you watch, expectant of what’s next. I am ferocious and sensual, not harsh in nature, but I will take pleasure in demanding my needs to be met.

A mantra of carnal conversations, chains, cosmopolitans and clitoromania are the perfect combination for an evening well spent! Contact me with enough detail, a date in mind. The afterglow is waiting on the other side.
Meghan x