A globetrotting independent companion, I love what I do, and I do it to perfection. A free-spirited Scandi sweetheart, I’m seeking an accomplice to paint the town red with. Could it be you?

I’ve been thinking about this all day. Our meeting is long overdue, don’t you think? Come closer. Unfold into the fantasy. I want to get under your skin.

Part Godard Girl, part pre-Raphaelite muse, I’m a hopeless romantic with a wicked sense of humour; a curious kitten who’s powerful yet playful. I live for the lovers, the thrill-seekers, the spontaneous bon-vivants who take pleasure very seriously. Unhitch the ropes. Pull back the curtain. Experience desire in glorious technicolour.

With my porcelain skin and cascade of golden locks, I’m the beguiling free-spirit of a New Wave ingenue. But don’t underestimate me – I’m no dizzy blonde. I’ve a head for adventure and a taste for taboo.

While I can be a tad rebellious, I’ve got a soft spot for moans of pleasure and satisfied grins. This eagerness to please extends to the bedroom. I enjoy a dash of pain with my pleasure, and savour play in which I take a more submissive role. I’m more inclined to sensual forms of surrender, with a lover taking the time to explore, control and then devour me. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a little rough-housing. Spank me. Tie me up. Leave me breathless. Whatever happens, I guarantee our hearts will be racing.

I’ve a soft spot for shibari, and scenes in which I’m a teasing, misbehaving young woman that really needs to be taken in hand. Subverting the roles we play in the everyday carries a powerful charge.

For me, chemistry is more of a fine art than an exact science – I believe in treating every encounter as its own little masterpiece. If you’re inclined to more kinky pursuits, let’s discuss exactly how to get lost in one another. We can find the kind of passion you thought was only for the movies. Together, we’ll brush against a higher plane, defy gravity, swan-dive towards paradise – even if it’s just for an afternoon. ‘Inhibition’ isn’t a word in my vocabulary. Ask yourself: when was the last time you truly connected with someone?