Innocent looks with a corrupted mind. European sophistication and Latin passion. Confident, and highly educated lover that enjoys feeling completely powerless and degraded. Nina’s duality is what defines her, both sides of her being part of her own authentic self. Are you in touch with your deepest fantasies? Meet Nina and find out.

As I’m writing these words for you my body shivers at the idea of my ideal game partner finding me suitable for his needs. Deep brown eyes, full lips, long waves of blond hair, if you’re wondering where I come from, I’m a cocktail of exotic cultures. A hint of Italian sprezzatura, a bit of Brazilian passion, I’m a fusion of various different and contrasting ethnicities.

Polyglot and cultivated, I am often told that I am as smart as I am beautiful, and it’s my intellect and my talent what brought me back to the Old World to attend one of it’s top and most selective schools. Although based in Paris, I constantly plan visits to the UK and trips around Europe, as I love exploring and have an insatiable appetite for travel. You could say I am one of the most elite BDSM escorts in Paris, London and Europe.

I effortlessly come out as a brilliant and well-educated travel and dinner companion. My warm and affectionate personality – part of my Latin side – added to my innocent looks, will give you the impression that I’m a very good girl.. Which is the perfect setting for the kinkiest scenarios on your head.

When I’m not at your feet, I’m that good girl who’s working hard and looks serious and innocent – which is why I constantly crave submission, the idea of letting go and feeling powerless and helpless and completely submitted to my partner’s desires.. I find myself fantasising and daydreaming about the lover that will fulfil my most secret desires by fulfilling his.

I’m craving the connection I could have with the game partner that will make me bend to his will and power, testing and redefining my limits. Would that be you?