I offer romantic companionship to ladies and gentlemen in London and beyond. I am based in the City of Westminster which affords me a life of transience and adventure. My aesthetic is reminiscent of flame-haired muses from classic art, complete with deliciously soft skin, natural ginger hair and angular facial features.

Standing at 5ft 10 with mane-like ginger hair, I am no stranger to demanding the attention of a room when I enter. You’ll find my soft skin decorated with a handful of beautiful tattoos, I have removed these from my portfolio to protect my anonymity. I run a separate, successful business by day and choose to offer elite companionship because it thrills me.

Dominance to me doesn’t just mean whips and chains, it means you devoting yourself to me and putting my pleasure above your own. I am incredibly sensual and love being a woman. I will train you how to please me in a number of different ways from bathing and washing me to… well let’s leave a little to the imagination shall we? Although deliciously tall, I am petite with dainty hands and feet which I will allow you to kiss and caress.

I can wrap my kinks up in voyeurism but really, I am just a bit of an exhibitionist, I love to be naked and being watched by you or others is a huge turn on for me. Equally I love watching, whether that’s myself through the mirror or watching you pleasuring yourself, that might sound intimidating but it’s actually very liberating to have another person watch how you touch yourself.

The aesthetics of dominance are a huge turn on for me, the claustrophobia of latex, the weight and smell of leather and the anticipation of zipping up my leather boots. Gifts of this nature are always well-received, or we can go on a kinky shopping trip, if you’d prefer.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, elegant and intelligent woman who will use you for her own pleasure (and have you pay for the privilege), then look no further.

Although naturally dominant, as a high end escort I also enjoy GFE and feel that a varied sex life is a happy sex life, so lets not limit ourselves.