Standing at 5 ft 10 in with mane-like ginger hair I am no stranger to demanding the attention of a room when I enter. I am tall but petite with a toned body from regular dance lessons complete with elegant hands and feet. I tend to dress in neutral colours with noir being my favourite against my milky complexion. I am incredibly visually led with a tasteful yet individual sense of style.

The space I carve for Olivia sets me free, allows me to remove myself from the expectations of the real world. I open this space for you to do the same; be seen, lift your mask, explore or escape.

I am naturally dominant which ranges from sensual to strict. I love being a woman and using you for my pleasure while you pay for the privilege. My favourite type of kink exploration is pet play, I have a self-invented scale from kitten > puppy > piggy which ranges from light exploration to pain play, watersports and humiliation. Although dominant, my preference is not an ‘off limits’ mistress, but rather a highly sexual woman who will train you how to please her.

My exquisite lingerie collection includes everything from leather, lace and latex, to beautiful corsets, collars and gloves. Fellow lingerie fetishists are very welcome and gifts of this nature are very welcome. If you’d like to add to my collection you can send me a gift voucher or we can visit some of my favorite boutiques as part of our date.

Although I specialise in building long-term relationships with a small client base I enjoy the thrill of short interludes with new lovers. If you want to meet me for the first time, please fill out the booking form on my website. I recommend a four to six-hour dinner and domination date.

See you soon.