Cutie with a booty offering sublime submission and domination in London.

Time is precious.

I’m not about to waste mine or yours by writing reams of cookie-cutter descriptors here.  It’s not necessary.  What’s necessary is laughter, the kind you can’t hold on to.  What’s necessary is losing so many hours in a book that you find it almost impossible to drag yourself back into reality after.  What’s necessary is poetry, and peeling off layers.  Skin on skin; that’s what’s necessary, not endless paragraphs about how I’m unforgettable.  Although maybe I am.

What I can tell you for sure is that I’m probably one of the nicest, warmest, most charming people you’ll ever meet, and that I would genuinely love to get to know you/get under your skin/get under your clothes.


Some might say I’ve lived a life less ordinary. My predilection for the unconventional isn’t something I’ve ever tried to quash; instead it became a signpost along a path less travelled.

Years of being an absolute filthpot have, unsurprisingly, benefited my eventual career choices. I have a wealth of experience on all spectrums of power exchange, and I’m constantly broadening my horizons.

My exploration began on the submissive side of the coin. I’ve been the obedient slave girl, the brat, the innocent niece, the list goes on. I don’t submit to just anyone – it’s a privilege afforded only to dominants respectful enough to tame a woman with confidence and strength at her core. Though once you have me, I’m yours.

The domination came later, as my confidence and knowledge grew. My style is irreverent and often tender, though if you want me to dial up the mean I will gladly oblige. If you’re looking for a leather-clad mistress who will never crack a smile I’m probably not for you, but if a hot, feisty, self-assured babe who will happily take your lunch money (while taking you down a peg or two) floats your boat, you should definitely get in touch.

More than anything, I know first-hand how important it is to find a play partner who is as genuinely into this as you are – it’s just not the same if they aren’t. In me you will find a kinky play partner with years of experience, the confidence to guide a session if you are new, and most importantly a wicked sense of humour.