A lover of all that is sensual, I have the ability to create and prolong the sweetest agony you have ever experienced. Trained in Lingam massage, surrender to my hands and let me control your sensorial experience.

In my early 20s I worked in a BDSM club as a trainee domme. Being young and relatively inexperienced, it was a real eye opener for me. It taught me that there was much more to the of world of kink than the “latex & whips” stereotype I had presumed, and just how skilful and creative the experienced professionals within it are. I definitely felt at the beginning that I couldn’t be a domme as I mistakenly believed that you needed a sadistic streak and that it always had to be painful and humiliating. However the more I observed, the more I grew to see how varied the D/S dynamic can be. During my training I always enjoyed any chance for sensation play upon a restrained person. I am quite a control freak and having someone at my mercy is something I really enjoy. Although I do not derive any pleasure from inflicting pain, I found being able to tease, deny and control their experience very satisfying. As a tantric massage escort, I am an extremely sensual and intuitive person and understand the heightened awareness and pleasure that comes with the vulnerability of relinquishing control. Being able to understand this on a personal level lent itself to my new talent of torturing people in the most pleasurable way possible.

I only wish to partake in activities I know I can do well, safely and also enjoy. I am a considerate person and take pride in my work, and the best way to achieve this is for me to be genuinely engaged, so currently I offer limited sensual domination services and certain fetishes. There is potential for more in time, but initially I want us to start with that and depending on chemistry we may progress further. In particular I excel at tie & tease and orgasm denial, and I have training and experience in Lingam massage, or we can explore sensory deprivation and sensation play. We can play with the level of your vulnerability and start very gently if you so wish. A lot of my clients are completely new to partaking in even vanilla services, as my approachable, relaxed demeanour means I can set even the most nervous person at ease. I have the greatest respect and understanding of boundaries and personal limits, and want to ensure everyone is comfortable and enthusiastic about everything that happens between us, even if they pretend not to be later!