I'll put a spell on you... but you're already mine. You are looking for firm direction and delightful allure, and you can't wait to submit your will to mine. I'm witchcraft with an accent and painful seduction intertwined with a wicked laugh and curves to die for, which is more than you'll ever be able to handle and exactly what you've been craving.

I am a twenty-something northern-Spanish student, artist and part-time Inquisitorial Dominatrix rummaging through London. I finished a degree in Multimedia this year and I’m still pursuing my second one, in Humanities. I am also studying a Masters, as I intend to pursue a PhD at some point. I’m proud of my education, and it takes up a good chunk of my time – but fear not, I know that university doesn’t make you a better human by any means.

I am interested in all things obscure, bizarre and sexual in nature. I love books, and always find space for one more in my already full bookshelves. I also adore cats, obviously. What kind of witch wouldn’t?

A natural Dominant, I will gladly bring you to your knees and show you the kind of delights that await you there. Put yourself in my hands, and you shall soon find why Ulises fell under Circe’s spell.

I am always eager to learn new stuff – be it magical or computer inclined. I can code in several languages, but I’d much rather learn a new, human-spoken one. I’m fluent in English and Spanish, and a bit rusty in Basque and French. A huge nerd, I’m more comfortable talking about Bechdel’s and Moore’s work than discussing the latest Marvel movie. We could also discuss how the heroic tropes repeat themselves through history if you want to make me particularly happy.

I am as comfortable thrift-shopping for books (don’t you love the smell of old books, memories dripping from old pages as you flip them open?) as I am choosing the perfect white wine to pair with a cheese-table. As a dedicated hedonist, I believe enjoying lovingly prepared food is not only a possibility but a duty to ourselves. We owe our bodies and our minds the most delightful experiences we can muster – I, of course, being the first and most important one in that list.