I am a young soul, with a dirty mind, and a body made for sin. I view myself as the E.E. Cummings of professional Submission, every moment with me is poetry.

I am an educated & vibrant twenty four year old with a proclivity for all things naughty and submissive, I’m very much a Londoner and I have lived in this beautiful city all of my life, however I do have Caribbean heritage.

I have an affinity for film, photography & poetry. I have an album of self portraits on my website taken by me, for your viewing pleasure.

I can usually be found wandering the Saatchi or the National Portrait gallery, I love to be surrounded by beautiful things, in the traditional and contemporary sense, and art does that for me every single time.

I view my licentious part-time life as a submissive escort as another form of art, I thrive on the poetry I create with my paramours, the deep connections and lust filled moments that leave you breathless, that is what I live for.

I view myself as a sweet escape, when you enter my world you become my everything and my only goal will be for you to get lost in me, what I love the most about my part-time lascivious job, is the fact that no two-days are the same each meeting is a new opportunity to create timeless memories.