For those of you that have already drifted from the garden path, let me lead you a little further into the woods. There’s a lot to be said for venturing outside of the familiar and the comfortable; He who dares, wins.

I’m Suzie. I’m an artist in the daytime and a revelation at night. I’m part provocateur, part dreamer, as well as the sweetest punk you’ll ever meet. I left London for Berlin after art school, and I’ve flirted with both cities since. Lure me from my studio and you’ll find a head full of dirty blonde ambition with a creative soul – imagine Edie Sedgwick’s rebellious little sister, with a sense of humour drier than a dirty martini. I feel most alive when I’m making things; collage, photography, music, memories, mischief.

Predictable has never been a word used to describe me. In a world full of mediocrity, I prefer experiences that are unique and exceptional. As an alternative escort I chase new adventures, and move between worlds with ease: galleries and gig venues, dungeons and suites  – introduce me to your passions and I’ll show you mine. Ultimately, I pursue inspiring connections, which begin in public and flourish in private.

I’m a woman that knows how to take what she wants. My body – a captivating geometry of waifish edges and supple, feminine curves – thrills at a new touch.  Over the years I’ve learned that we can often be most ourselves in the arms of a stranger. Leave your clothes on the floor amongst the record sleeves? Trace my tattoos with your fingertips.

So how do I like to play? I like to take the lead, and slip between characters like a sylph, but it’s chemistry that inspires me the most. All abundance begins in the mind, so tell me what’s on yours

I have been playing in the world of kink, fetish, BDSM and domination for 10 years now, including 5+ years professionally. So never fear if you’re nervous or new. I have enough experience for the both of us. I want to unlock those desires you keep tucked away. How long has it been since your last confession? Tell me the impure scenarios that distract you, so we can bring your imaginings to life. Temptress, mistress, school girl or boss – I’ll (role)play the part to perfection. I want to lead you astray.

Desire is a complex circuit: devotion and mastery, cruelty and kindness, control and surrender – The thrill lies in the exchange between them. Gratification demands a little denial, so perhaps I’ll take my time teasing and toying with you. Sip your drink as you watch me undress slowly, each new glimpse a revelation. My mouth is full of unspeakable ideas, wrapped up in a suspiciously sweet smile, and I want you to do exactly as I say.  Will you sit, and stay, like a good boy, or will I need to restrain and chastise you? Assume the position. Worship my boots. I wanna be adored.

It’s true what they say: pleasure doesn’t satiate your appetite, it just reminds you that you have one. So what is it you’re craving?