What is your deepest darkest fantasy? Have you ever dreamt of having a curvy, athletic equestrian plaything desperate for you, waiting on your every word, eager to please you however you desire? Have you ever wondered what it's like to have a beautiful young toy tied up at your mercy, to taunt and torture as you see fit?

Allow me Sir to lead you down the rabbit hole into a land where fantasies are fulfilled and your kinky desires become your reality. Allow me to surrender to you my mind and body to play with. I offer pro-sub and kinky companion sessions across the UK and further afield. My purpose is to fulfill your fantasy, bring the magic to life as we enjoy each others company and create mesmerising memories to cherish forever.

I am a cheeky masochist that adores being played with, escape your reality for a few hours and become lost in a euphoric paradise of Dominance and submission as we explore power dynamics together and bring your dreams to life.

In my spare time I am an equestrian with a strong passion for horses and a determination for success and perfection. I also adore weapon sports and adventures that inspire adrenaline.