You’ve heard of the Swedish Sin: a dangerously beautiful woman with an insatiable appetite for sex, luring men to join her in sin. I live and transcend this myth. My naturally luscious body, full bush and feminine armpit hair, along with my equally dirty and sophisticated mind will leave you breathless. As a girlfriend I am a total kinky nymphomaniac, as a sensual mistress I am confident and natural, as I lead you into the transformative world of kink.

What’s more thrilling than to explore our darker, secret, shadow selves? The exhilarating feeling that comes from showing someone that part of yourself is one that is truly transformative. Whether you’re a novice or very experienced to this type of play, I will create a safe space for you to let go, and float into the land of fantasy. No kink is “too weird” for me, I believe our kinks are merely expressions of our unique subconscious desires. However, in order for our meeting to be a safe and authentic exploration where our desires meet, I only do kink play that genuinely excites me as well.

While I don’t do submissive roles, there is a lot more to kink than pure domination and submission, and I’m dying to find out what exactly is hiding in your imagination. Do you dream of a naughty mommy dearest who will punish you ever so lovingly? Do you want to lie at the feet of a harsh school mistress and hear about how she punishes her pupils after class? Or perhaps you want to be used and abused by the beautiful and powerful younger woman at your office, who has you completely under her spell? Maybe you want to just serve your mistress, worship her body, and be made to taste all of her lovely cunt juices until she climaxes all over your face? Whatever they are, share your deepest fantasies with me, and we can make them come true.

I have many different sides to my domination and kink urges- I love weaving in sensuality, sex and care. So while I can certainly make you beg for mercy and experience the warm fuzzy feelings of pain inflicted on your body, I am not the cold and distanced traditional type of mistress. Sometimes a whip or a flogger serves me well, but I especially get off on using the tools of my own body: my voice, my intelligence, my bare hands and the force of my fiery body.