If you’re anything like me, you’ll have spent years working on your kinkiest fantasies. Details are key – the tightness of a skirt, the low giggles, the creak and snap of latex, the burn of carpet against your knees, a lover’s desperate groans. You’ll hold these disinhibited dreams close, your mind brushing over them, firming them up, until the day you’re finally able to grant yourself your wishes.

For me, fulfilling these desires is the ultimate turn-on and I love nothing more than participating in these explosive moments of pleasure. For me, meeting needs is as satisfying as having my needs met (although, who says the two must be mutually exclusive? Simultaneous orgasms anyone?) and I take pride in my abilities to inhabit a role exactingly. There’s little I adore more than the sight of a companion’s face as they begin to realize they’re going to get exactly what they want, and more.

But let’s get back to those details. I’m a firm believer it’s the little things that can transform a session from middle-of-the-road to mind-blowing, from ordinary to out-of-this-world. That’s where you come in.

Picture the woman you want more than anything. When she laughs in your face, does she have a full-bodied cackle, or a does she give you a coy smile? Is she your teacher, perhaps, or your babysitter, or a virgin hitchhiker, or a nurse with a sadistic side? Does she administer deliciously painful punishments or bend at the waist to take them? Does she deal in discipline or yield to your every instruction? Does she have a sensual side or is she a cruel bitch boss? Is she tethered to an X-frame, or is she the one lacing the cuffs around your wrists and ankles, telling you to shut up and take it? When you moan her name, what do you say?

Spend some time thinking about this woman – I’m sure you’ll agree there are worse ways to spend an evening – and I’ll do my utmost to slip into her role. In all aspects of life, I’m sure we can agree communication is key. The more we talk before we meet, the better I can work to curate an unforgettable encounter for us both. This is important to me too. I’m a pleasure-giving creature by nature. Trust me, nothing is guaranteed to get me off more than the knowledge I’m getting you off. Let me cater to you and I’ll be the happiest girl in London.

Of course, on the day itself, our chemistry is bound to lead to some unexpected places. I’m more than happy to indulge in a little improvisation. I’m an intuitive partner, adept at reading responses, and giving you what you want and need in the moment. What matters most is the sense we’ve played out our most closely-held fantasies. I want us to leave our encounter with a deep and powerful sense of fulfilment. If you’ll let me, I’ll take you to that precipice, and hold your hand as we tumble over it together.