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Are you drawn to the sensual femininity of body hair? Us too. Here, the divinely natural escort Ylwa Bergman shares her love of bush worship. After holding you in suspense for quite some time by slowly letting you taste and smell different parts of my body, I take off my lacy knickers, unravelling the wild, […]
Guess who’s back, baby? The KLE podcast returns post-lockdown, for a dose of aural delights. In the hot seats are the exquisitely indecent Kio Jones and Nordic fetish queen Abby Joansen, discussing submission, introductions to kink and some shared fantasies. Sit back and let these two pour some honey in your ears.
The delicious Maya Eve sits down with Harriet to spill about her foray into kink and hopes for the coming months. How was your lockdown? What are you hoping for most out of your post-lockdown bookings? It’s been quite relaxing. I needed a break to be honest since I’d just left my 9-5 for that […]
Stunning new Collective member Mia Honey reveals her talented hobbies and the kinks she is keen to try to resident interviewer Harriet Harlow. Firstly, welcome to KLE Collective! What would you say is your favourite kink to participate in? Thank you! I enjoy participating in public domination of my client, parading them on a leash […]
Looking for tips on getting started in kink from one of the rising stars of London BDSM? The divine Olivia Sinclair provides a guide to all things kink. If you’re anything like me, celibacy is driving you crazy. I am craving some affection and intimacy and the longer I go without, the more vivid and […]
The perks of being part of the KLE Collective: Independent escort Chloe Vega shares her experiences. I’ve always been a very independent and adventurous person; having divided my younger years between the UK and Australia, I am no stranger to travel and I love to seek new experiences. Once I’d had my first taste of […]
Looking for lockdown sex tips from elite independent escorts in London? In the first of a new series grappling with desire during lockdown, blonde kinkster and elite independent escort Lilly Watson considers ways to keep the home fires burning: Perhaps it’s unsurprising that a global pandemic with a massive death rate leading to crashing economies […]
Strange days at KLE Towers, where social distancing has put paid to all out filthiest inclinations  But nothing makes a quarantine pass a little quicker than a brand spanking new edition of the KLE Podcast. This latest episode features alternative wild child Claude Love and red headed voluptuary Amelia Swann discussing formative kinks, sexual subjectivity […]
Harriet’s back, and she’s got the gorgeous Madeleine in her sights. Firstly, how are you? Tell me about some of your most delicious moments from last year? I’m in a very good mood today! 2020 has started off wonderfully. Hmm, my most delicious moments! There are so many, how to choose?! I guess, firstly, would […]
Next in Harriet’s hot seat is Kio Alixa, a woman drawn to the forbidden and unconventional. Firstly, how are you? And as it’s the beginning of a New Year, what was one of your sexiest encounters of 2019? I’m very, very well thank you and have finished the term and so looking forward to some […]