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New year, new blog feature, in which our members share their favourite haunts in the City. First up is our favourite bombshell Lilly Watson, who’s known for her impeccable taste and commitment to glamour. Besides, you know what they say about blondes (and independent escorts) having more fun.  I like to take tea at Claridge’s […]
Submissive escort and KLE Collective member, Skylar Parkar, is a woman of many talents. From her highly-creative and beautiful photoshoots to the heartfelt, intimate poetry she pens.  Below she shares a new poem,  ‘Sweet Blessings’, for the KLE Collective blog alongside a chosen visual.   Sweet Blessings by Skylar Parkar she trembles at my touch […]
Feast your eyes on some literary nourishment for the sole – sorry, soul – with KLE Collective member Ivy Grace‘s poem dedicated to high arches. Perfect reading for those who have a weak spot for foot fetish escorts London. An Ode to High Arches by Ivy Grace In pursuit of High Arches The beautifully presented foot. […]
In the words of companions across the world, gifts are never expected but always appreciated. With Christmas fast approaching, KLE Collective member Amelia Swann ensured her spot at the top of Santa’s nice list with the ultimate KLE kinky gift guide.    Alternative title, how to be Daddy 101.  Take inspiration from the KLE Collective’s […]
Candles in your birthday cake? Try sitting on it instead, you never know what pleasures you may unearth. Perhaps even a sploshing fetish. Sploshing, AKA Wet and Messy play (WAM), is the participation in covering or being covered with any number of goo-ey, oozy substances. Its gloriously kinky and be served up in a variety […]
If you find your pulse quickens on sight of stainless steel, your temperature rises with the snap of a latex glove, and the squirt of a syringe does unmentionable things for your imagination, you may be nursing a medical fetish. Suggested treatment? Tooling up appropriately, of course. Doctor, doctor, give us the news, we have […]
Kinkster, explorer, we simply adore her. In the Q&A hot-seat, the charming and gorgeous kinky GFE escort Edie talks with interviewer Hazel about Patreon plans, escapism, and how she plans to further develop her dominant side. H: How are you? Tell me about what you’ve been up to recently and any fun plans you have […]
Sensual mistress  – and domme escort with the most perfect toes you ever did see – Arazatah spoils us with juicy tidbits of some of her favourite kinks in the latest segment of Hazel‘s Q&As. Medical play and forced bi, anyone? H: I’m so keen to dive into this interview, as I know the breadth […]
With lift and carry & erotic wrestling kinks, the idea of an afternoon pick-me-up becomes a little more literal. In the niche world of strength domination, expect whips to be swapped for weights and latex for spandex. In the mainstream, it’s not often that domme-ing is portrayed in line with the lift and carry or […]
What happens when you combine ~80 London roleplay escorts, a Twitter thread, and Back to School month? A hypothetical KLE boarding school, of course. Grab your trusty stationery and study the ins and outs of our kinky institution. It’s September and that means one thing and one thing only: the Summer holidays are over. The […]