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Pure Lily, taboo specialist and submissive, tells resident KLE interviewer Hazel about her duo wishlist for the year, and her transition from watching Tumblr porn into the world of kink. H: How are you? And what types of bookings are you looking forward to going forward? L: I’ve been doing great, especially with the news […]
Pocket rocket and sub escort Mia Dixion spills all about her dream roleplay (it’s deliciously naughty!) and what restaurants she can’t wait for you to take her to, in her KLE Q&A with Hazel. H: Firstly, how are you doing? What have you been up to? M: I am doing really great, thanks for asking! […]
Can you think of a more dreamy duo than Hazel and roleplay escort extraordinaire Scarlett May? Well that makes all of us. The two of them caught up over a cup of tea and a portion of, uh, profiteroles. How are things going? What sexy encounters pre-lockdown are you planning to relive? I’m great thank […]
Submissive escort – and poetry personified – Skylar Parkar  catches up with Hazel about how she has reconnected with lovers between lockdowns, her must-have sex toys, and her *ultimate* fantasy roleplay – where she plays the domme. Firstly, how are you finding this lockdown? Is it any different to previous lockdowns for you? The thing […]
Fetish Mistress Nina Lazou asks: Do you take pleasure in your Mistress humiliating you? Then this article is for you   As a fetish Mistress, I often incorporate elements of humiliation in my playstyle. Through erotic humiliation play, I have developed some of the most interesting and continuously evolving connections. Humiliation is at the same […]
We’ve never been much of a fan of sequels, and over at KLE Collective HQ, we’re especially unhappy about the third installment of the UK Lockdown franchise. However, while it may be cold and dark and somewhat existentially terrifying out there, we’re determined to keep our well-groomed heads up. To do so, we turned to […]
In addition to having our own podcast, we’re always delighted to be invited onto other people’s, especially when it comes to talking about the Collective itself. Last week, KLE’s own Louisa Knight and Hazel spoke to the brilliant Sienna Hunter, host of The Escort: Deconstructed podcast. In Sienna’s words, the show seeks to “deconstructs the […]
It’s a welcome return to the KLE podcast for Alicia Darling, who joins forces with our favourite punk Suzie Blue, selecting some tracks for your aural delight. Let these two kinky melophiles create the perfect soundtrack for the long winter nights. What do you make of their selections? And for the safety conscious, never fear, […]
How many blondes does it take to produce a witty and informative Q&A? Two of London’s finest of course, with Hazel getting all the juicy details from Billie Brookes. Firstly, how did you find lockdown? What did you get up to? I actually found lockdown was been a great time for me to focus on […]
An indispensable new tool for sex workers looking to build their online presence, created by KLE member Valerie August   There’s little more daunting than trying to find the the right website professional to work with to build an escort site. The technical jargon and numerous steps in the web development process can be overwhelming […]