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Kinkster, explorer, we simply adore her. In the Q&A hot-seat, the charming and gorgeous kinky GFE escort Edie talks with interviewer Hazel about Patreon plans, escapism, and how she plans to further develop her dominant side. H: How are you? Tell me about what you’ve been up to recently and any fun plans you have […]
Sensual mistress  – and domme escort with the most perfect toes you ever did see – Arazatah spoils us with juicy tidbits of some of her favourite kinks in the latest segment of Hazel‘s Q&As. Medical play and forced bi, anyone? H: I’m so keen to dive into this interview, as I know the breadth […]
With lift and carry & erotic wrestling kinks, the idea of an afternoon pick-me-up becomes a little more literal. In the niche world of strength domination, expect whips to be swapped for weights and latex for spandex. In the mainstream, it’s not often that domme-ing is portrayed in line with the lift and carry or […]
What happens when you combine ~80 London roleplay escorts, a Twitter thread, and Back to School month? A hypothetical KLE boarding school, of course. Grab your trusty stationery and study the ins and outs of our kinky institution. It’s September and that means one thing and one thing only: the Summer holidays are over. The […]
Independent Welsh escort and sensual dominatrix Welsh Belle opens up about her go-to tools and toys for dates, the destination of Cardiff’s best taster menu and how to make her feel extra special in her interview with Hazel. H: Ah a chat with the ever-lovely Belle! How are you doing lovely? Let’s get started with […]
Feather-ticklers, blindfolds and ball gags, oh-my! We explore what tools and toys are sensory play must-haves in the first instalment of our new blog series, The KLE Toolbox. Like every skilled professional, escorts wield a toolbox filled to the brim with kinky paraphernalia to fulfil the fancies of their date. From tradespeople like plumbers and […]
Submissive escort Amber Evergreen opens up about her move to London, and so much more, with KLE’s Resident Interviewer Hazel. H: Firstly Amber, how are you doing? Have you got any exciting news for us? A: I am so very excited as my big news is that I have just moved to London! After spending […]
Sounding kink. Also known as: Cock-stuffing, penis plugging, catheter fetish, urethral sounding. A sex act that commonly falls under the ‘medical play’ umbrella, sounding is a little-known kink. And it’s certainly not for the faint of heart. While the most commonly used descriptor of ‘Sounding’ maintains the ignorance of those out-of-the-know, its synonyms – cock-stuffing, […]
Queen of latex and kinky switch escort, Olivia Sinclair, discusses her pet play ladder, recent reads and lingerie passion to fellow Collective member Hazel in her KLE Q&A. H: What a pleasure to be interviewing the latex queen herself! How are you doing? What are some upcoming plans you’re looking forward to? O: I am […]
London independent escorts, but make it a boardgame. Was it Miss Scarlett in the Conservatory with the Lead Pipe? Or perhaps Mrs Peacock in the Kitchen with the Dagger? Peek into the KLE Challenge our Twitter followers partook in last Easter bank holiday that saw them unleashing their inner detectives.   For those who have […]