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Do you remember the first time? Tulsi Tamora certainly does, and she’s generously shared an incredibly hot story with you – her first time indulging in the pleasures of body worship whilst dominating a man. We challenge you to get to the end without needing a cold shower.   It was my second boyfriend. Until […]
The KLE podcast returns once more, but this time with a twist! We sat down with one of the collective’s most loved and experienced industry photographers, Alan Thomas of AT Glamour, a man who has created beautiful imagery for many, many of our members. We talk about everything and anything, including how he got into the industry, funny […]
As we discerning kinky independent companions know all too well, finding the perfect person for your escort photography can be a tricky process. It’s one of the reasons we created our Photographer’s Pledge, as a way to encourage photographers to sign up to a code of conduct, making the shoots better for everyone involved.   […]
Meeting a high-class escort for the first time can be a daunting experience for some – the anticipation that comes with not knowing exactly what’s going to happen is both wonderful and terrifying. There are a few things which can make this process easier, and the gorgeous Lilly Watson is here to guide you through […]
Is there anything hotter than someone talking about how they discovered their kinks? Especially if that person is the smoking Darla Blake, and the kink is high, high heels? As experts on the subject, we say – no, there isn’t.   As anyone who has known me well (and, by ‘known me well’, I mean […]
As we slowly adjust to the new normal, the stunning Elsa Riley looks back and reflects on some of her most memorable experiences from the past few years.   As an independent kinky escort, it’s not surprise to say that I have a wonderful bank of memories. One such experience was going to Killing Kittens, the […]
You’ve played the scenario a million times in your head. Still, there is an intensity to the moment you did not expect. You realise our heat existed long before you joined us. And you can tell we’re excited to share it with you. Two kinky bisexual escorts divulge all for KLE. Disrobing is easy, our […]
You lucky things: the divine Sofia Miles shares an account of a night at a Manhattan sex party, originally published on ChitChat&Death with us here, accompanied with a hypnotic visual delight. Thank us later.   Beep beep, message from R: “Babe, should we go? Blow off some steam?!” devil emoji, devil emoji, devil emoji, followed by […]
As we share our latest, office-themed KLE group photoshoot, Amelia Swann contemplates exactly what makes the workplace such an erotically charged space   There’s a scene in Mad Men which has always stuck with me. In order to come up with a new pitch for a lipstick company client, the women of Sterling Cooper are […]
Take a dip into the delicious world of ‘urolagnia’ – more commonly known as golden showers or watersports kink – in the latest instalment of KLE’s Up Close Kink series.  Come on in, the water’s fine. A little bit naughty but still playful and lighthearted, those with an unrealised watersports kink will find it is […]