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What do you think of at the mention of the vampire? A preternaturally beautiful creature of the night, beguiling with a magnetic gaze and seducing unrepentantly to feed an insatiable hunger? Sound familiar? We independent escorts have always had something of an affinity with Nosferatu.  So this Halloween, the delectable Elle Voss has prepared something […]
The first time is always special, that’s why we asked our favourite touring trans fetish goddess Adelaide Asterix to write something for those cis men hoping to explore an encounter with a trans escort for the first time. As she explains, sex with a trans woman can be both enriching and liberating, especially so when […]
Dear foot fetishists: don’t say we don’t look after you. Today we’re publishing a short but spicy story from  KLE’s Chloe Vega about a workplace initiative we can really get behind   John was working late one afternoon after all his other colleagues had left when his email pinged. Glancing at the bottom of the […]
Tulsi Tamora takes us on a deep dive into the murky world of sexual shame. She finds that our most taboo desires are often those with the most liberatory potential. Brene Brown defines shame as ‘the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love’. We all have […]
This episode of the KLE podcast features two long-time members of the Collective – Amelia Swann and Ivy Grace. You might have heard both their dulcet tones before in this series but this is their first time recording together, and to say we’re excited is an understatement. Known as much for their scintillating conversation as their […]
Do you remember the first time? Tulsi Tamora certainly does, and she’s generously shared an incredibly hot story with you – her first time indulging in the pleasures of body worship whilst dominating a man. We challenge you to get to the end without needing a cold shower.   It was my second boyfriend. Until […]
The KLE podcast returns once more, but this time with a twist! We sat down with one of the collective’s most loved and experienced industry photographers, Alan Thomas of AT Glamour, a man who has created beautiful imagery for many, many of our members. We talk about everything and anything, including how he got into the industry, funny […]