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Oh, where do I begin. The cane is a tough one to beat (pun absolutely intended). Whilst it’s not something every submissive enjoys, it’s hard to deny how appealing it is. The fear, the anticipation, the whoosh as it slices through the air… I can certainly see why so many of us go a little […]
Think back to your childhood. Do you remember when nothing scared you and everything was exciting? Whether it was climbing trees, riding Go-carts, or jumping off the tops of waterfalls, everything was an adventure. Then, as you grew older, into and eventually past your teens, you began to feel weary of the unknown, choosing more […]
  A question I often ask new lovers when we are getting to know each other is a common one: “How long have you been into this?” I ask for no other reason than sheer curiosity.  I am obsessed with human sexuality and the myriad experiences within that – and admittedly, I’m a sucker for […]
There’s nothing quite like it.  Whether I’m resting awkwardly over the knee of a companion, on all fours with my back arched, or strung up to the St Andrews Cross,  one thing remains constant – the intense feeling of vulnerability and intimacy that spanking invokes. Many of my lovers had never experienced the heady joy […]
Tell me a story. I want to hear from your dark places.  I want to know the things that make you cringe, the things that force your eyes away from mine as you speak. Tell me what brought you here, on your knees at my feet.  Tell me what flickered across your mind when you […]
Beyond my usual repertoire of evening activities; dinner, cocktails, a little music, I like to frequent some of London’s exclusive sex parties. The thrill of being in a space surrounded by glorious bodies, all shapes, sizes and persuasions is electrifying, whether you are deep in the throng, or watching from the wayside. Some of these […]
If you’re anything like me, you’ll have spent years working on your kinkiest fantasies. Details are key – the tightness of a skirt, the low giggles, the creak and snap of latex, the burn of carpet against your knees, a lover’s desperate groans. You’ll hold these disinhibited dreams close, your mind brushing over them, firming […]
Wax play is one of my favourite kinks. Whether drizzled over my lower back or flecked across my skin in delicious bursts, the sting as the wax hits my skin is guaranteed to make me squirm with pleasure. It’s always a joy to find someone willing to indulge my penchant for extreme temperatures. I’m equally […]
All flights to London are cancelled. I’d been on my way to meet my husband, an international banker who travels constantly for work. After such a long spell apart, I’ve been looking forward to teasing him all the way back to our hotel. I’m dressed to the nines accordingly – a black satin corset, suspenders, […]