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The first in a new series from us, in which our members go tête-à-tête with the eternally curious blond bombshell that is Harriet Harlow. First up,  Letizia Miro: Firstly, how are you? What are you looking forward to in the coming new year? I’m very well, thank you. In the new year, I’m looking forward […]
What better way to come roaring out the gate of the 2020s than with a new episode of the KLE podcast. Episode 3 has landed, and features two of our absolute favourites, the wonderful Ivy Grace and Faye Summers in conversation about double domme-ing, roleplay archetypes, costumes and letting your geeky side out, amongst many […]
Here’s something you should know about being a bottom worship escort… Can I tell you a bit of a pervy secret? I’m sure I can – we’re all friends here. Here’s the thing: I love stubble. The texture of it against my skin, the gentle scratching and nuzzling. Particularly when that stubbly face is rubbing […]
Let’s start by busting some pegging myths: the most common one being that if you’re a guy, getting pegged is always a submissive thing. I can assure you it doesn’t have to be. If you are submissive, then of course pegging can be worked into a smoking hot D/s scene – I’ll make you suck […]
Here at KLE we’re all about community. We believe that we’re stronger (and safer) when we’re united, and that strong communities need shared resources to make this happen. For that reason, we’ve created a document to support our members and colleagues when navigating one of sex work’s most regular occurrences: the photo shoot.  Sex workers […]
It starts with a pinch and ends with a scream – what do I mean? Get ready subby guys: you lot who like me to tease and torture you, because today we’re going to talk about your nipples. Those cute, tiny, unprepossessing lumps of flesh that sit on your chest – otherwise useless but for […]
Dirty talk 101: Complete the following sentence: “Smack my…”   Did you go with ‘ass’ or ‘arse’? Arse is deliciously British, though some people prefer the more Americanised ‘ass’ – the short, sibilant ‘s’ being more reminiscent of the sound, perhaps. Or maybe it’s just habit. After all, with so much porn being produced in […]
The inaugural Kinky London Escorts podcast is here, with the wonderful Madeleine Moore and Alicia Darling kicking things off. They’re tackling the important questions: What are sex menus? How do you make one? And how can they enhance your play? All this, along with more flirting than our sound engineer could handle. CN: This podcast […]
We’re always looking for ways to keep the Good Ship KLE sailing smoothly, both from our perspective as a gaggle of kinky escorts, and for those of you browsing the site. A few quick updates on what we’ve been up to: – Improving the user experience of the site. To make the site quicker and […]
Yes! This is rough sex!’ I scream internally, his big hands holding my hips firmly in place as he drives himself into me, again and again. Harder and harder. He makes sure he’s going in as deep as I can take, maybe a touch deeper. Grabbing my hair now, and pushing my face into the […]