Harriet’s back, and she’s got the gorgeous Madeleine in her sights.

Firstly, how are you? Tell me about some of your most delicious moments from last year?

I’m in a very good mood today! 2020 has started off wonderfully. Hmm, my most delicious moments! There are so many, how to choose?! I guess, firstly, would be the fact I made the leap into this line of work…I started in February and it has allowed me to delve deep into my submissive side and meet plenty of kinky dominant men! Secondly, I had my first FMTY experience, where I was whisked away to Vienna for a few days. It was probably the most romantic get away that I’ve ever had in my life.

What is your must-have sex toy/item for a booking?

As a submissive, blindfolds is my most common item requested. And a close second is rope.

Kink-wise, I know you’re submissive, is there anything you’re hoping to explore more of in 2020?

I feel like my list of things to try just keeps getting longer! This year, I definitely want to book a dungeon date. And I realllllly want to be booked by a couple or a duo where I am dominated by both the woman and the man (my absolute fantasy).

What are you hoping will be in store for 2020 in terms of bookings?

Duos, duos, duos, duosss!! I already know I will be travelling a lot this year but I have never been booked for a duo yet (what’s going on??).

You are multi-lingual, are there any places you would love to travel to for a date to flex your incredible linguistic skills?

I’m half British, half French and Paris is the city of love….need I say more? I have also been known to be quiet good at Spanish after a couple of cervesas and I dream of walking around Grenada & Seville in a long flowing dress with the sun kissing my skin. After more than a year of learning Arabic, I am still no closer to being as fluent as I dreamed. However, I have grasped the basics and my adventurous spirit would love to visit Jordan, Morrocco, Egypt and Oman. And if the world was a peaceful place, I would be on the first flight to Syria and Iraq…

As an artist, how do you feel art falls into your work as Madeleine and vice versa?

I dabble in different mediums but photography is my one true love. I take all my photos and love exploring self-portraits as Madeleine and as an artist. The process of self-portraits is very intimate and extremely liberating, it has allowed me to love my body in completely new and exciting ways.

This year, I am offering my services as a photographer and videographer to other workers. I think there is something very special (and sexy!) about a photo of another woman through the lens of a woman.

You are very open and actively market about being unshaven, do you find being a hairy escort brings a certain type of client?

I stopped shaving about 6 years ago and found it so very liberating. When I first started as Madeleine, I didn’t realise that there was a clientele for hairy women. How very wrong I was! Having clients adore my natural body is so validating and frankly, a huge turn on for me.

Around London, what are your favourite things to do on a date? Is there anything on your bucket list?

Honestly, though I was born and raised for the majority of my life in London, I still feel like the city is new to me. Clients have made me discover a different side to London and I’m excited to keep on exploring and going on more adventures! Here’s to more delectable cuisine and stimulating exhibitions.