Meeting a high-class escort for the first time can be a daunting experience for some – the anticipation that comes with not knowing exactly what’s going to happen is both wonderful and terrifying. There are a few things which can make this process easier, and the gorgeous Lilly Watson is here to guide you through them.


“Follow an expert.” – Virgil


My honest thoughts right before meeting a new client? “I hope they’re nice. I hope they like me.” I imagine the client is thinking the same. But how do you get someone to like you, especially in what can feel like a high stakes encounter such as booking a high-class escort? I’m not sure, but I think it begins with being very clean and very kind. Here are my thoughts.

It started with a kiss…

Kissing someone for the first time is one of the most subtly exciting of experiences. Perhaps we are still fully dressed, yet here we are, reaching out to each other and sharing intimacy. We are closing our eyes and literally tasting each other for the first time. Our lips and tongues are so incredibly sensitive, and so close to our brains, that we can sense huge amounts of information from a kiss: taste, temperature, pressure. Even our noses are subtly involved in sensing what that is going on.

First impressions really matter. They can be the difference between an electric erotic encounter with an escort (notwithstanding my brilliant penchant for alliteration!), and something that falls a little on the lacklustre side. We only get to have one first kiss, so I like to brush my teeth, floss and use mouthwash immediately before. Then I can relax and not be self-conscious. Self-consciousness is as much of a passion-killer as bad breath. I invite you to join me in this feeling of total relaxation. Our hotel room bathrooms usually have toothbrushes and paste, or you can ask housekeeping to bring you some. I always provide Listerine and sugar-free mints for us to share, too.

I’m yearning to touch you. Do you want to touch me?


The experience of stroking your date’s silky skin, building slowly to gently inserting your fingers, feeling her velvety wetness tighten as you beckon her G-spot to come, come, come towards you, is much more likely to happen if you use a nail brush and then sand off any sharp bits.

There are emery boards in the vanity kit in your hotel room bathroom (and in mine). If you forget your nail brush, you can hack it by washing your hair. That really cleans under your nails!

Scent is a powerful weapon in the seducer’s arsenal.


Your companion smells amazing. Part of that delicious cocktail of erotic scents that make your cock twitch every time you come near her is her soap and shower gel, believe it or not. Whether you are busily showering in your hotel room in anticipation of your date arriving, or showering at her incall, don’t make the common error of thinking that rinsing is the same as washing. What is the difference? Soap, and plenty of it!

Be generous with the shower gel, all over your body, from head to toe, paying special attention to your cock, balls and bottom, thinking of all the places you’d want your companion to touch and kiss you. It can be quite an erotic experience; a little masturbatory foreplay, if you will.

If you have a foreskin, which most British men do, you must pull it back and wash underneath – otherwise it won’t be clean or fragrant. I personally have a particular thing for freshly washed balls that still have a mouth-watering scent of clean linen or oranges from the shower gel. I love kissing, licking, tasting and just… smelling them. I can get lost down there for quite some time! But if I can tell my date isn’t in the habit of thoroughly soaping them, I find the taste and smell to be less enjoyable, and quietly avoid the area.

I want you to feel completely relaxed when we are together, and not worried about making a mess when you sit on white sheets, or get spanked, or have your prostate deliciously massaged. You must wash the crack of your bottom very thoroughly with shower gel, really getting in there as far as you dare, so that you know that you can sit naked wherever you like without leaving embarrassing marks behind, and that your behind itself smells gorgeous.

All this talk of erotic scents is getting me very much in the mood, just writing this, btw! Scent can be a powerful aphrodisiac. Personally, I love a dash of cologne, but if you want a woman’s point of view, it definitely isn’t necessary 🙂 A fresh kiss, a smooth touch and clean, fragrant, kissable skin are what matters.

Preparing for a date with a high-class escort should be part of the experience, in my opinion. Think of it as pre-foreplay; you have invested in an otherworldly experience. And I guarantee that following this pre-date routine will make the time you spend with your favourite companion exponentially better – you can thank me later!