Love hurts. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. But what are the limits of your erotic appetites, and have you ever truly satiated them? Calling on kinksters of all kinds, we’re thrilled to invite you into our domain. A modern nod to the boudoirs of yore, we have brought together a gorgeous posse of London’s foremost pleasure-seeking perverts, a sexed-up sorority of like-minded individuals committed to a life without limits.


Coquettes, harlots and provocateurs all, we’re London’s leading independent kinky companions. Specialising in every shade of BDSM, we’re an irresistible cabal of dominants, submissives and switches. Variety is the soul of pleasure, and you’ll find something to satisfy nearly every taste here. Sometimes we’ll be kneeling at your feet, other times we’ll be gazing down at you, whip in hand. Either way, the view will be spectacular. What unites us is a devotion to deviance. Girls just want to have fun, after all.

Established in 2018, the London escorts on this site represent the city’s most exceptional practitioners and playmates. We’ve become the leading lights of the city’s kink scene and take pride in our meticulously-curated and individual specialisms. As firm advocates of pursuing the finest things in life, we keep our standards as vertiginous as our heels. Like all the best girl gangs, we’re unified by a strong sweep of unforgettable individuals. It isn’t easy to get in with us, but once you do, you’ll never look back. We play hard and fast, and make no apology for it.

With a mutual appreciation for mind-blowing kink, we pride ourselves on our experience, flair and intuition. We’ll know what you want before you do, and take the greatest pleasure imaginable in giving it to you. For us, desire is as limitless as our imaginations: a matter of hearts and minds first and foremost. When those minds happen to have a talent for deviance, the results can be truly revelatory. If you’re willing, we’ll lead you to your truest self.   

Although we benefit from our collective expertise, we’re all independent. This isn’t an agency or a dungeon. Instead, think of this as a digital powder room where we come together to pursue our more singular interests and connect with new lovers. If the Pink Ladies of Rydell High joined forces with the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, they still wouldn’t have a patch on us. The city is our playground. A fresh adventure awaits us around every corner. Come along if you think you can keep up – only the truly wild and perverted need apply.

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