Age play Escorts: A Guide

Curious about all things ageplay? Looking to find a stern Daddy Dom or a stern but nurturing Mommy? Then you’ve come to the right place darling.  KLE is home to some of the most delicious ageplay escorts in London, and would be delighted to guide you as you take your first foray in this kinky subculture. This guide is designed to introduce to some of its possible delights, and help you find the ageplay escort of your dreams.


What is Ageplay? and What do Ageplay escorts do?

Age play is a broad, catch all term for consenting adults that enjoy roleplaying age-based power dynamics as part of BDSM. This usually involves people pretending to be a different- often younger- age than they are in real life, with another partner taking an older, often dominant role. The reasons why people enjoy age play are diverse, but for many, even though it’s pretend, it’s exciting to explore ideas of control, care, punishment and taboo.

Age play is a pretty common (although sometimes quite misunderstood) kink. If you’re thinking of meeting with age play escorts, you may be interested in one of the following types of roles:


People that identify as littles take on an innocent, child-like persona during play, and often enjoy their partner playing a parental/care giving role. They may enjoy sweet, juvenile activities such as colouring in and cuddling, as for many littles, there’s nothing sexual about ageplay, and the pleasure comes from someone else being in charge, a break from adult responsibilities and getting in touch with their inner child. For these ageplayers, although affection and touch may be a part of their play, sex isn’t on the menu.


Within age play, ‘middles’ is predominately shorthand for ‘teen’. These roles are often fun for people that enjoy being a bit more badly behaved, bratty or cheeky, with the possibility that their partner, in a more ‘adult’ role, might punish them. Additionally, some middles find the idea of acting out formative youthful sexual encounters from their own past fun and hot, and both partners want to regress to some youthful kinky experience together.


As you might have guessed, for every little’ there’s a big, aka the person who plays the adult within an age play session. Sometimes this person is the strict daddy, the nurturing mommy, a teacher or step-parent. Each persona has it’s own nuance and power dynamics to explore, and it’s entirely up to you and the age play escort you meet with to see what feels most exciting.

Daddy doms & DD/lg (Daddy Doms/little girls)

A Daddy Dom is a specific type of dominant, one that draws on many of the same power dynamics at work in age play but can also just relate to a dominant person’s demeanour and approach within a scene. In this context, Daddy doesn’t always mean the top pretends to be their lover’s father, but rather that they include a general kind and nurturing streak in their play. Daddy doms usually aren’t cruel or sadistic, but instead want to look after their little or submissive, often spoiling them and lavishing them with attention. Any punishment, such as the occasional spanking, is often just for a naughty bottom’s own good…

Mommy dommes

In a similar vein to Daddys, a Mommy domme may include forms of age play in scenes, but this isn’t always explicitly linked to their submissives playing a different age. As a form of Femdom, Mommy’s often draw upon soft, affectionate coercion, affection and punishment to bend their subs to their will, with a nurturing and gentle dynamic underpinning their play. For those of us that are accustomed to being assertive, authoritative leaders in office and board rooms,  the idea of being taken in hand by a stern but loving figure is especially enticing. There are countless ways in which to explore a Mommy kink, presenting a deeply sensual BDSM power dynamic. Happily for you, KLE is home to some of London’s most divine Mommy domme escorts.

A key thing to note: Age doesn’t indicate role

Whilst there is a tendency towards the most evident power dynamic in ageplay -in which the big/Daddy/Mommy is in control of the ‘younger’ submissive partner, there are myriad ways in which to explore nuanced and complex scenarios, and even incprorate ‘switch’ elements. Perhaps you’re interested in a circumstances in which power is subverted and a little is in charge, including scenes in which a spoiled princessy girl has her daddy wrapped around her finger. Or how about a sexually precious 17 year old flirting with a shy older woman?

It’s entirely up to you how you explore all the delights of age-related power dynamics. And who better to guide you than some of the most intuitive, warm and imaginative ageplay escorts in London?

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