Fetish Escorts: A Guide

Time with a Fetish Escort can encompass so many things.  Fetishes are as varied as the people who enjoy them, but one thing is for sure – there is bound to be a Fetish Escort who is into the exact same thing as you, however obscure you might think it is!

What is a Fetish – and a Fetish Escort?

A fetish is defined as a fixation on an object, body part or activity.  These fixations may be sexual in nature, but many fetishes are focused on things that may not be perceived as sexy – such as surgical masks, latex gloves, or dark concepts such as castration or bloodletting.  Some fetishes are strong enough that it is necessary for the fetish-enjoyer to include them in sexual play in order to get off.  A Fetish Escort is a professional who has deep knowledge and experience in one, or many fetishes. Here we will go over some of the more common fetishes and tell you how to find a Fetish Escort to enjoy them with!

Foot Fetish

Many, many people enjoy exploring foot fetishes to varying degrees, in their personal lives and with their favourite Fetish Escort.  Some people simply enjoy the aesthetic of pretty, well-pedicured feet whereas others enjoy toe sucking, trampling, foot worship and the scent of smelly feet!  It is often thought of as a more dominant practice but foot fetish is often included in submissive and vanilla play. Foot fetish is something that many Fetish Escorts offer, regardless of their leanings with regards to power play, and you can search our London escorts to find her.

Medical Fetish

Medical fetishes can include role play, examinations, latex gloves, speculums and pretty much anything else you can imagine.  This play can be very sexual in nature, however many medical fetishists are simply interested in acting out a very ‘genuine’ seeming doctor/patient scenario in which the patient is examined and treated.  Finding a Fetish Escort who provides medical play might seem tricky, especially if your fetish is hinged on particular equipment or spaces – but you’re in the right place.  Many London dungeon spaces have medical themed rooms and equipment, and lots of Fetish Escorts are experienced in this area.

Latex Fetish

Latex fetish is extremely common, and for good reason! Many people enjoy the sight, sound, scent and feel of latex without considering it to be a fetish, but for some, rubber is necessary for sexual gratification.  Latex can be incorporated in clothing (your own, and that of your Fetish Escort) and equipment, to latex vac-beds that completely restrain and engulf the user.

Bondage Fetish

Bondage can be a precursor to sexual play, and many people enjoy a tie and tease! But for some, restraint in and of itself is what it’s all about.  Bondage can be enjoyed with ropes, cuffs, silk scarves, chains, clingfilm, the aforementioned vac-beds… the possibilities are endless.  Being restrained by a Fetish Escort can provoke a deep sense of satisfaction and release.

Any Questions?

It will have become clear throughout this article that fetishes, whilst often easily applicable to a power exchange situation with a Fetish Escort, can be and often are enjoyed in contexts where there is no dominant or submissive.  Many people hide their fetishes from their lovers through fear of ridicule but with a Fetish Escort, you can enjoy them in a safe and discreet space.  Often, fetishes are extremely specific and a good Fetish Escort will understand that – so, as always, it’s important to communicate exactly what it is you’re looking for in your session.  View all our London escorts to find the perfect Fetish Escort for you!