Curvy redhead playmate in London, Amelia Laurent is here to light your fire. Specialising in domination and the girlfriend experience, this PhD candidate loves nothing more than nurturing relationships with generous suitors.

Amelia Laurent is a PhD-educated, tattooed curvy redhead. She writes her own rules, and wants you to join her. Specialising in your fantasy GFE and domination, this modern-day tattooed pre-Raphaelite is a master of charm and seduction.

Domination is in my blood, it’s in my sinews. Power play is complex and enriching, and has infused many relationships of mine.

Corporeal kink would be nothing without an intellectual mind.

Truly world-altering exchanges of power lie in the intersubjective dynamic between two people. l want to know why things feel good, what it really means for some to relinquish their power over to me.

Your submission to me is the greatest gift.

Spontaneity is good; understanding the impulses behind our spontaneity? Now that’s what makes me tick. That’s why you know, there’s nothing I don’t do in session that I don’t genuinely enjoy. I’m not a one-trick pony, but neither am I a jack of all trades.

I want us to create our own scenes, our own mysteries, our own guidelines of play and exchange.

I won’t bore you with clichés, I don’t need to.

You’re here because you want me to be the one you serve; you need me to be the one you serve. It is important to be clear that I am all-woman, and expect to be treated with the reverence a female deserves. I am a firm but fair domme, and work most well with submissives who need a desperately hypnotic combination of nurture and humiliation. I expect you to work for my affections. In turn you will be rewarded with my time, and my satisfaction.

Where pain leads, pleasure follows.

My power comes in that sweet spot of both; of pulling back from you, laughing at your ineptitude, to returning to stroke your hair before I land a well-placed smack on your behind. All the while, a playful smirk plays about my mouth – mommy’s need to have their fun too, you know.

Seeking a girlfriend, rather than a Mistress?

The phrase Girlfriend Experience is like the bread and butter – the bricks and mortar – of this clandestine world, and suggests what time with a courtesan might look and feel like. Over the years I have come to learn what excites me most about being a part-time girlfriend, and – true to form – I like to do things a little differently than the average.

Some call it a vanilla experience, I call it a delicious, ripe mango; one that asks you to hold it, admire the shape, feel the weight of it. The girlfriend experience is not to be rushed – to reach authentic intimacy with someone takes time, each element of such an encounter should be savoured. Seduction begins long before our bodies are entwined, and I happen to consider myself an expert on such topics.

The GFE service that I offer is unforgettable, and hopefully something you will treasure forever.

I favour longer dates, such as dinner dates and cocktail nights, to get to know one another, and see how our chemistry unfolds. Of course, the heady rush of a lunchtime date is a huge turn-on, but time with me starts at 90 minutes, as I don’t like to clock watch.

I am adept at putting people at ease, reaching past those first-date nerves (who among us doesn’t get butterflies?!) and finding what makes people tick. I am an excellent conversationalist, leaning into all manner of different experiences and environments with prowess, and quiet confidence. You’ll soon come to learn that I am a fan of witty one-liners, too, and I relish in playful repartee – check my Twitter if you don’t believe me.

The Girlfriend Experience is not all about the erotic, although of course that is a crucial part of the services I offer.

The GFE chez Amelia is implicitly therapeutic, a tonic to the mundane regularity of the normal world. I am both petite and curvaceous, bold and gentle – but don’t just take my word for it.

You work hard, and you deserve to indulge in a mindblowing encounter. You want to create lasting connections with someone you can trust, someone you can escape to, someone that sparks that fire in you – the Honeymood period, as it’s commonly known. I’ll have you whistling while you work, I’ll put a spring in your step, a smile on your face, a twitch in your undergarments… You’re not interested in stereotypical archetypes; you want authenticity, and so do I.

I am an independent companion because of the lifestyle it allows me, because of the people I get to meet – people like you, hopefully. As an exclusive provider, I don’t see every Tom, Dick and/or Harry that contacts me. I keep a small circle of suitors, with whom I can really be myself with. So go on, take a bite…