I am a firm believer that sexuality is something to play with, explore and enjoy, it should never be taken too seriously!

My Name is Circe, I’m a 26 year old independent escort based in London.

I’d describe myself as neither the girl next door nor a porn diva, but rather the woman you’ve exchanged a smile with on the train and never had the courage to ask out!

Having been an escort for a number of years, I have had the pleasure to gain a lot of insight into many people’s fantasies and I take a great deal of pleasure in creating different scenarios that aim to please even the most hidden aspects of one’s sexuality.

Both inside and outside the bedroom I am a very creative person and when I am not working as an escort I have a day job in the design industry.

My passions are art history, theatre, design and architecture. If you want to impress me take me out on a date to the V&A and teach me something I don’t know!