Are you ready to enter the sublime? I'm Darcy. An exotic twist on thoroughly English sensibilities. The type to catch your eye across the bar with my hourglass figure and infectious smile but keep it with my quick wit and kinky tendancies.

The urge to submit has been an intrinsic part of my sexuality for as far back as I remember. I have always been secretly obsessed with fantasies of spanking, role play, kidnap and hostage; drawn to rope, ties and locks. Put me over your knee. I want to feel precarious, you steadying me, holding my wrists behind my back. Some might say I’ve lived a life less ordinary. My predilection for the unconventional isn’t something I’ve ever tried to quash; instead it became a signpost along a path less travelled.

Whilst infamy might be a tad too bold for such a fresh face, my exquisitely toned ebony curves will definitely gain notoriety in your thoughts and lascivious lamentations. Although I look utterly delightful naked I have a keen eye for fashion. Underneath my elegant cocktail dress, you will always find my exotic sumptuous form encased in the finest bits of latex or lace.

This has always been something of a fantasy of mine. But maybe not for the reasons you think.

And what about you? Perhaps you’re intrigued to meet a woman that’s unafraid to be entirely and uniquely herself; that holds your gaze as she slinks towards you wearing nothing but the smile you gave her, with a look that begs you for discipline.

You are, of course, a gentleman who knows what he wants, with a taste for the finer things – me being one such accoutrement to a life well lived. Maybe it’s self-evident, but I’m not a woman accustomed to shying away from pleasure, however it’s served.

I’m in this for every last drop of delight.