As a former catholic school girl, I know all there is to know about clandestine desires, fantasies and encounters. I'm the one whose fancies don't fit neatly in a box; my kinks lie in the darkest corners of my psyche, quietly ready to be tempted out into the open. Playing with me is a raw and thirst quenching adventure; always passionate, always further and further down the rabbit hole. Come join me...

My name is Darla, and I am here to make your most exquisite fantasies come to life. I am tall, beautiful and well educated, with a passion for life and for lovers. As a former catholic school girl, I possess precisely the amount of charm and coyness that you might expect. But underneath a veneer of modesty lies something much deeper; an unending appetite for the erotic and the exotic.

I am the companion and confidante that you have been waiting to meet. An English Rose, of course, but one with enough thorns to give you an experience unlike any other.I have a deep love for connection and I know that our time together will be more than simply a passing moment. I can provide a safe space for you to be yourself; we can leave our inhibitions at the door and experience something intense, fierce, potent and, above all, extraordinary.I believe that the secret to a successful rendezvous is chemistry, and that is why I will never agree to a date unless I know that we will have an absolutely beautiful encounter. Is your heart racing?

I know mine is….