For those who seek beauty, justice, ecstasy, and the magic of intuition, Destiny is the potion and the cure. Rebalance your mind and spirit through the sensation of touch and smell - through hotness; wetness and kinky playful fun.

The high priestess; I have an intensity which is mysterious and enticing. With black lustrous eyes and golden glowing skin, I embody the darkness and the light. At first glance, my allure can seem dangerous or untameable.
Come a little closer, and you’ll find a celestial and youthful innocence. My physique is slim and feline like; the perfect playmate for fantasy seekers.

As a student, I feel that knowledge goes hand in hand with the erotic. Outside of university I love to engage in all kinds of creative expression – from poetry, dance, art, to history, science or mythology. Indulge me! You can be my mentor and tutor – submission and vulnerability make me feel alive.

The act of worship is my favourite pastime. There’s nothing more intoxicating than drinking from the spring of mutual devotion. I love to possess and be possessed – in a primal melding, if you will.. Pleasure is abundant and is there to be shared. Trust and intimacy is paradise.