Never cookie-cutter, in life, I can take up many roles.Who will I be for you? Sensual or submissive? I can’t wait to find out. One thing is for sure: you’ll never forget me

Although I hail from colder climes, I’m far from aloof. Warm, attentive, sensual and sweet, I treasure true connection over fleeting encounters. An excellent listener, I like nothing better than making you smile.

A scientist by day, I’m intelligent but empathetic, witty but always kind. I delight in spending time with like-minded individuals and connecting intellectually and sexually.. I love to laugh, and nothing is more alluring to me than authenticity. In every respect, I give as good as I get, and seek out the very best life has to offer. If you’re ambitious and discerning, but don’t take life too seriously, you’ll find a kindred spirit in me. If you’ll let me, I’d love to help you escape from the pressures of your busy daily life.

A keen horse-rider, my years of equestrianism is keeping me in shape.. You’ll find I’m just as happy in a pair of white jodhpurs and mud-splattered boots as I am in Agent Provocateur and sky-high Giuseppe Zanotti heels. Lucky for you, my supple curves look fabulous in both.

Delicately shapely and free from cosmetic surgery, I’m impeccably groomed and well put-together. My style is classic with a dash of daring; elegant but evocative with a hint of a bad girl beneath the polished surfaces.

So much of my day-to-day job takes place in the mind, and this world outside work has freed me, and allowed me to indulge my more sensual and sometimes submissive side.

If you think you can coax me away from my hectic schedule, please do get in touch to arrange our next rendezvous.