Like all true Welsh women, I’ve a soul for poetry, and endless notebooks full of scribbled verse - with live readings facilitated by at least 3 pisco sours. Don’t worry, It’s not all high brow poetry - I’m also into vintage porn from the 70s (there’s something about the moustaches), performance art and Giallo films. But my true creative expression has always been through my own body, with a background in contemporary dance and then later, haptic therapy (don’t worry, I’ll explain it over dinner).

That wildness draws me to new people too, on dancefloors, in dungeons and hotel rooms, in search of that intoxicating tangle of limbs, kisses and adrenaline. I’m a dedicated collector of vintage silk slips and late night confessions, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than us both becoming completely undone. I’m a bit of an artist in this regard too. I’m kinky, in a way that feels more about subversion and less about rigid labels or protocols.

So with all those inclinations considered, is it really any surprise I ended up a professional ‘good time girl’ (arguably a ‘truly stupendous time girl’ but I’ll leave that to you to discover)? Over my years in this industry I’ve learned the erotic’s all around us. We just have to look.

But don’t just take my word for it. Come find me. I’ll be the distracting blonde belly-laughing at a dirty joke, with freckles that tell stories from under the sun. I’ll show you my wildness if you show me yours

Dilyn fi. Which for all non Welsh speakers, including this author, means:

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