Combining a refined intellect with drop dead gorgeous looks and uninhibited sensuality, I am the international blonde bombshell you’ve been waiting to meet.

At 5’11”, I’m recognizable by my exquisitely long legs and naturally lithe body, toned from regular dance training. I exude a natural elegance, matched by the alluring warmth of my blue-eyed gaze. My international upbringing spanned both sides of the Atlantic, and I have a handful of languages under my belt, as a result of my extensive studies and continuously nomadic lifestyle.

I’m a charismatic and engaging conversationalist, and good conversation really does turn me on. Indeed, my insatiable intellectual curiosity is inseparable from my boundless erotic drive. I’m a switch, meaning that I love to explore both submission and domination and bring a unique mix of creativity and physicality to my approach to kink.

In meeting me, you are in for an unforgettable liaison with a beautiful and intelligent woman. Whether we spend hours or days together, you will get a sense of the real me- my sense of humour, my passions, my random anecdotes and deepest desires.