Always overeducated and frequently underclothed, I offer exclusive desirous encounters for the discerning suitor. Join me in finding paths to new pleasures.

Like you perhaps, I crave a life replete with sensuality, exploration and heat. I live for variety – behind closed doors, as in life. Beyond my cherished experiences as a part-time companion, I relish diverse pursuits including the scholarly, artistic and therapeutic. Since my Oxbridge education, I’ve lived many lives.
My enjoyment of sex and kink is an integral part of who I am. Whether you’re experienced yourself, or just tipping your toes in; together, we are simply tasked with exploring our wholly unique dynamic. I have been told I am gifted at making those around me feel comfortable (though I can always do the opposite, if you’re into that kind of thing).
I absolutely relish threesomes and group sex. I love being invited to join an existing couple for a threesome, or inviting one (or more) of my crushes to join us.
If you prefer a more vanilla time together (it’s a classic for a reason), that would also be my pleasure. I’ll be your picture-perfect girlfriend any day, sliding seamlessly into any setting.
Are you wondering what kind of face will you be met with, upon our date? I am blessed with naturally plump lips and green eyes that have been known to seduce with a single glance.
Amidst the uncertainty of the everyday, one thing is for sure: our desires have much to teach us. Peak pleasures await.