Strong, tall, seductive and merciless; it would take a bold Challenger to tame me and a wiser Devotee to drop to his knees and repent.

As an Alpha Switch, I belong to a very rare group of women, who can’t easily be classified as either submissive or dominant. I’m confident and dynamic, not loud or brash but always quietly leading from behind. I choose my partners to please my will, subverting the normal roles & rules of bdsm play to suit my own needs and desires. This means that if I want to wrestle with a Sub or present my bottom for retribution from the Master – I will: and I will enjoy them both equally.

It’s likely that many a Courtesan you meet will be this rare breed – a key signifier of their natural state is their polyamorous approach to love. We’ve got a lot to give. We tend to be ladies with exceptionally high sex drives, who don’t adhere to prescriptive sub/ dom or male/ female norms.

Embracing a style of sensual domination: I want to drive you crazy with the desire to punish or worship me. As a lover of complex role plays, discipline & bondage; I want to delve into your darkest places and pluck out your filthy fantasies and make seriously real. I’m the perfect kinky dinner date, demure & demanding, discreetly preverted in the most public and high brow situations.

I don’t need a partner to define me or give me purpose. I acquire your company and devotion for my own pleasure and at my convenience. As a BBW Alpha switch, I always take the utmost of care for those who venture to play with me: respect, honesty & commitment are requirements not optimal.