Pocket rocket, tattooed cutie with a booty. Sweet & petite, your new punk paramour. Ivy was born and raised in London. She is well travelled, well educated and 'well fit'.

“…a wild, wicked slip of a girl”

I’m Ivy, but not the poisonous kind I promise! More the sort that weaves herself oh-so-tenderly around you. I’m maddeningly mischievous, fiercely adorable and full of adventure – a classic evergreen, glowing all year round.

Adventure means lots of different things to me – perhaps we’ll explore each other’s souls through cuddles and conversation, or explore each other’s bodies with wandering touch and wondrous sensations, or explore the world in each other’s dazzling company. My favourite? All three of course! Whatever paths we may travel together, let them be paved with passion, in all its sensual delight.

Casanova says, “Desires are but pain and torment, and enjoyment is sweet because it delivers us from them.”

Hmmm, what do you think? I’m not sure I agree. Desire can be an art form. Your eyes meeting mine across the table at dinner, glittering and glimmering as we giggle together. Our subtle blushing as my petite legs start brushing against yours. Torment can be so delicious! It sweetens the relief and the release of pleasure; soft skin under fresh sheets and that sweet taste between my legs. There’s a whole world of pleasure out there, and I’m always looking for a licentious, dashing playmate to show it to me.