Natural, confident, creative autodidact

Hi! I’m Tulsi Tamora, but you can call me Tulsi … I’m an all natural, hairy, independent escort in the UK, offering GFE and Domme.

My heritage is steeped in far flung North India, and I’ve lived across the world, from countryside to city, but I’m resolutely a London girl with a lovely neutral accent.

I’ve always valued independence, authenticity, and confidence. I’m university educated and can tear through pretty much any fiction – but more often than not, you might find me rereading ‘The Delta of Venus’ for the fifth time. Catch me sketching at London’s finest galleries, teaching myself to carve soapstone, or any number of things autodidactic and creative.

My intelligence and independence filter into all parts of my life, and so I keep my body hair as it naturally is. I’m hairy everywhere, from my armpits to where it really counts (!) I wear very little makeup and have soft, natural skin and hair. My caramel brown skin looks so good in white, and my curvy body is just waiting to be explored. I feel most erotic when I am myself – fresh faced, hairy and curvy, with a glimmer in my eye.

And I carry that confidence into the bedroom. I like to get to know you, listen to you talk, learn about everything you have to share. And then I like to translate that into slow, sensual passion. Trace your finger on my thigh, let me graze your lips. I like mutual pleasure, and like any red blooded woman, I like passion, exuberance, mind blowing bliss too. Of course, my hair is meant to be enjoyed, so I like to let you worship me too. Spend hours down there, tracing true femininity on the tip of your tongue.

For the more adventurous, I like to domme too. My domination style is sensual and strong. Let me tease you and take control while you fall back into paradise.

What ever we both decide, nothing is ever formulaic with me. I don’t believe in scripts for connection. So let’s explore our chemistry and make something real … I look forwards to hearing from you, Tulsi xxx