I’ve always believed in the power of curiosity. Curiosity changes what we do and how we do it. It changes our minds and it changes our scenery. It changes how we understand ourselves and how that self understands others. Curiosity changes everything.

Afflicted with such terminal curiosity, I knew I’d never want just one thing out of my life. I wanted all of it, every flavour possible: a life rich in reinvention, discovery and first times. Some people are motivated by money and status, but they left me cold. Instead, I was hungry for all the things I didn’t yet know or understand, all the sensations I’d not yet felt.

First I followed my curiosity to London, and then into academia, where I’d lose myself in the library for hours. I kept company with writers like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Daniel Kahneman, because they seemed just as curious for new worlds too. But of course, after a while, my curiosity demanded to escape from its ivory tower, and my heart beat faster for pastures new.

Naturally, my curiosity led me to more esoteric pleasures and experiences – to explorations of power, taboo and surrender. So you find me now as a London Independent Escort with a passion for kink. I’m a switch, which means I’m greedy for everything (quelle surprise), and that I enjoy the space in which we can play power back and forth between us. However we’re playing, I prefer my BDSM with a big dollop of sensuality: forget the cold, hard mistress: I’m far more interested in flirting, teasing and seducing my lover into a puddle of quivering helplessness.

Most of all, kink thrills me because it makes space for every shade of my desire. Day to day, you’d think I was strait laced, elegant, and perhaps a little coy. But once in my bedroom (or at the orgy or the dungeon) I can be someone else entirely – someone debauched, wild and unapologetic.

And who are you behind closed doors? I’m curious about that too. I want to know your most clandestine desires, your wildest tales and the moments that awakened something new inside you. Tell me about the places you’ve been and how they changed you. Show me those intimacies and secret sides of yourself reserved only for late nights that stretch into lazy mornings. This is where the magic happens.

Let’s meet there.