A smart as hell Russell group student with a strong penchant for pretty shiny things, carnal pleasures and of course, downright kinkiness. With an open mind and a thirst for experiences new, I am the perfect companion for luxuriously satiating erotic escapades. Hidden desires that need satiating require a woman who matches your lust for adventure and erotic exploration

Why tip toe around hidden desires, wants and needs, as though they don’t matter.  They do, which is why you’ve found me. My name is Kio Alixa Mai and I’m quite unlike any woman you’ve ever known. Forever drawn to the forbidden and unconventional, my tastes are a jumbled mixture of sexual exploration, desire and being desired, shameless public flirting and slightly cruel teasing.

Pleasure is to be taken seriously. Embracing luscious liaisons, private moments with me are not soon forgotten. This is my secret slice of life, where I savour delicious pleasure, as will you.  Making the (completely correct) choice to spend time with me reveals the ultimate concoction of intrinsic sexuality, openness and a generous sprinkling of wickedness. The ultimate choice for an exquisitely indecent encounter.

I don’t believe we should put ourselves into boxes and desires shouldn’t be categorised. I surrender willingly to submissive and soft domme dynamics and adore roleplay, the more detailed the better.  Unravelling your hidden fantasies and making them come true is a gift I love to unwrap again and again. Curating deliciously sinful moments means you’ll forget the rest of the world when we’re together

Valuing my lovers’ personalities and desires, forging memories and sharing hidden desires are some of the greatest treasures I’ve uncovered in this life. If you’re drawn to women that captivate in public as well as private, are smart and ambitious at heart, then I’m the perfect woman for you.

VenueIncall and outcall
Body TypeSlim and curvy
FavouritesMy favourite kinks are bare handed spanking, detailed role play scenarios involving humiliation, being restrained and dungeon visits. More vanilla loves are art and architecture, political and development theory. Pop culture is my guilty pleasure.
LimitsRaceplay,receiving watersports, Impact play that leaves marks or scars though bruising is acceptable.